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Yet another reason why I want to switch from Sprint

Horrible Sprint LTE speed test - for some reason we don't have an alt tag hereThere are lots of reasons why I want to switch from Sprint – horrible customer service that has only gotten worse lately, broken promises of WiMAX (and later LTE) in “just a few more months,” terrible 3G data speeds that will also supposedly get better in “just a few more months,” and tons of dropped calls.

Long time readers will remember that I’ve been one of Sprint’s biggest defenders, and I put a lot of faith in the company’s Network Vision initiative. But in reality, things have only gotten worse.

When Pocketables reader Nick tweeted us the speed test result you see on the right, I thought at first it was just another lousy 3G speed test. You guys have sent me tons of those, and I almost moved on – but then I noticed the “4G” icon next to the signal bar. And LTE listed as the network type under the results.

Really, Sprint?

Those speeds are ridiculously bad on 3G, but I’ve learned to live with them when I’m out and about – partly because WiFi is so readily accessible in many places, and partly because I keep foolishly believing Sprint’s promise of LTE “coming soon.” But if these are the kinds of results I’ll see once I actually have LTE, I think I’ll pass.

Honestly, I hate to write another post complaining about Sprint, but I am also absolutely in utter disbelief at how terrible the LTE network performed in this test – especially when T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network is fully built out in my area, offering speeds literally as fast as my home broadband connection, for the same price or possibly even cheaper.

I wish I could say this is the exception, but the few times I did have access to Sprint LTE in Chicago and Atlanta, I didn’t see much faster results. The LTE speeds I generally saw were about half of what I have experienced using test devices on T-Mobile’s “3G+” network.

Sorry, Sprint, but this is pathetic – and as much as I’d like to say it’s been a great four years, I’d be lying if I did. As soon as my contract is done, I’m outta here. T-Mobile – or even AT&T or Verizon – may not be perfect, but they’ve all got to be better than this.

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