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Deal alert: HTC One on sale tomorrow for $79.99 on Amazon for Father’s Day

HTC One sale on Amazon

Tomorrow, on Friday, June 14, Amazon is putting on a special one-day sale for the HTC One, dropping the price all the way down to $79.99 for new customers on either Sprint or AT&T. Those of you who want to upgrade rather than start new service will have to pay $20 more, but $99.99 is still a great price for arguably one of the best smartphones on the market (it’s half off what you pay if you bought the device directly from Sprint or AT&T).

Both the silver and black colors are available, although here are some things to note:

  • Even though the sale doesn’t officially start until tomorrow, the Sprint variants currently display the sale price for me.
  • The AT&T variants should begin showing the sale price tomorrow.
  • The Sprint variants are eligible for free two-day shipping, but it looks like Amazon might be sold out right now – both the black and silver versions say that they’ll ship within eight or nine days. Maybe this will change tomorrow.

If you don’t mind the above caveats, just hit up any of the links below, and enjoy your savings – and happy Father’s Day, too!

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7 thoughts on “Deal alert: HTC One on sale tomorrow for $79.99 on Amazon for Father’s Day

  • Avatar of Steve Gaudreau

    Hhmmm tempting!

  • Avatar of Joey Musante

    Yeah so i was going to do this and upgrade my line, called the fuckers up and the deal doesn’t exist for anyone who wants to upgrade. i dont know where the hell John Freml heard this from but sprints not doing that at all so you may wanna change that lie.

    • Avatar of Joey Musante

      Correction just dont call sprint, they dont know what the hell is going on.

    • Did you read the headline? The part where it said it was happening on Amazon?

      Did you read the article? The part where it said it wasn’t for upgrades, but new lines?

      • Avatar of Zachary Jacob Zblewski

        i no, rite?


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