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Disgruntled consumers attempt to organize a class action lawsuit against Sprint

Sprint class action

If you’re angry enough about the current state of your Sprint service – or lack thereof – then you might be interested in what one group of disgruntled Sprint customers is try to do right now. According to the website linked below, sent to us by Pocketables reader Jorge Torres, a class action lawsuit against Sprint is in the works, in response to failed promises of 4G from Sprint, along with potentially deceptive marketing practices.

According to the site, the class action suit is:

…on behalf of all individuals or entities who have failed to receive 4G service even tough [sic] they have paid for it through “hidden fees” or so called “enhanced data fees”. Other items such as Failure to provide adequate and dependable service, posing a danger to community safety, fraud, deceptive marketing practices and other charges will be brought against Sprint.

The group filed notice of intent to sue with Sprint on January 10, 2013, and apparently are still waiting for Sprint’s response. The website is also set up to accept to accept Sprint complaints and add new members to the suit.

From what I can tell, it does not look like any lawsuit has actually been filed yet, and it’s unclear what has happened to the people behind the lawsuit between January and now. Luckily, in case anything does come of this, it doesn’t look like it’s too late to throw your name in the ring.

What do you think about this? Are you happy to see Sprint customers banding together like this, or are they going a little overboard? Sound off below!

[Sprint 4G Class Action LawsuitThanks, Jorge!

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