Google is said to be working on a new Nexus Q, Google Watch, and gaming system


We’ve talked about a Google smartwatch in the past, but only in the form of wild speculation with some admittedly impressive renders. While there was at first little reason to think that such a device would ever materialize, a report from the Wall Street Journal now suggests otherwise. In addition to predicting the previously unlikely Google smartwatch, the WSJ is also reporting that a new Nexus Q is being developed, and that Google is working on a TV game console.

Sadly, there is no information regarding any details about the smartwatch. It could be similar to the one seen above, it could be made to work with Google Glass, or it could be completely different. All we know for now is that reliable sources have Google working on such a device.

The reports of the new Nexus Q are not much clearer, with few details being revealed. Supposedly, this new version of the Q will cost much less than the $299 Google asked for the first version, but we don’t know how different it will be. If the price does get to $99, though, I suspect that it could be a big hit.

Where things get interesting are the reports of a Google/Android/Google TV game console. The console may be similar to the Ouya, but it isn’t clear whether the product will be part of the new Nexus Q, an update to Google TV, or a new piece of hardware altogether. Some seem to think that it will be a part of the new Nexus Q, but I would expect Google to integrate it with their existing TV product if the company didn’t release new hardware.

This group of rumors may be oddly timed and predict a number of different things, but the source of the information is more reliable than most. The reports have at least one of these new pieces of hardware launching by this fall, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see something that was predicted get released by that time.

Of course, this information is quite vague, so quite a variety of things could be released that would seem to line up with the rumors. Personally, though, I’m hoping to see a better take on the smartwatch, hopefully one that looks something like the render above.

[WSJ via Engadget]
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One thought on “Google is said to be working on a new Nexus Q, Google Watch, and gaming system

  • If Google would merge the Nexus Q into Google TV, and add gaming, and sell it for $99, it would be an amazing hit.


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