Google isn’t recalling white Nexus 4 orders, but stock is running short


After ordering the new white Nexus 4 which sadly didn’t come with Android 4.3 (although that’s another story), several customers waiting for the new device received notices that the package was being returned to the sender. Google Play hasn’t always done the best job of offering shipping options, so I don’t doubt that buyers who paid for 2 day shipping were none too happy at the prospect of their white Nexus 4 returning to Google.

Fortunately, Google has cleared up the confusion, and said that delivery times should not be affected by the error, caused by incorrect tracking numbers. Some Nexus 4 buyers are still reporting that their devices aren’t arriving on time, but very few if any should have a real problem.

Still, Google is once again having trouble with one of its Nexus product launches on Google Play, although this one is minor. Some may remember all the trouble surrounding the original Nexus 4 launch, and how the device would waver between being in stock and out of stock daily. In addition to shipping delays, this made it quite difficult to actually buy Google’s flagship smartphone. With the white Nexus 4, Google is once again experiencing shipping trouble, and the 16GB version of the smartphone was out of stock yesterday, but is now back in stock for who knows how long. (The device will also take 1-2 days to ship, although you still have to buy 2 day shipping.)

Google is now including a free bumper when buying the Nexus 4 from the Play Store, but between the expensive shipping, potential delays, and inventory problems, I don’t know that I would purchase one from Google just yet. I’ve been hoping to upgrade to a white Nexus 4 now that my original Nexus 4 developed a crack in the back glass, but now I’ll probably wait at least a week to see what shows up on eBay, or whether new shipping options come out on Google Play. I suppose I’m just a bit surprised that Google still can’t seem to run a streamlined online storefront without these admittedly minor problems, which nevertheless could turn off more casual buyers from using the store.

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