How to use Google Navigation from AutoVoice [Video]

This particular tip comes courtesy of the AutoVoice developer himself, and is another step in the right direction for being able to use AutoVoice for everything. It allows you to start Google Navigation to a specified location using AutoVoice, and it’s surprisingly simple.

Screenshot_2013-06-27-02-43-16When I say simple, I mean simple. Start by adding your profile, and select the AutoVoice Recognized context. Use whatever command filter you want, but it should be one that populates %avcommnofilter (see the AutoVoice guide if you don’t know what this is) with only the location you want to navigate to. In other words, once you remove the command filter from your spoken command, only the location should be left.

For instance, I use “navigate to” as the command filter, allowing me to give commands in the form of “navigate to Paris, France”. This would then leave “Paris, France” in %avcommnofilter. If I had used only “navigate” as the command filter, %avcommnofilter would have been “to Paris, France”. It’s of course possible to make it more dynamic, but I won’t cover that here.

The task connected to this context only needs a single action: Send Intent, found in the Misc section. You need to fill in the following fields (also seen in the screenshot):

Action: android.intent.action.VIEW
Data: google.navigation:q=%avcommnofilter
Target: Set this to Activity

That’s it! If nothing weird ends up breaking this on some devices (which is possible), the result should be as seen in the video below:

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