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HTC’s COO leaves the company, while HTC reports highest monthly revenue of 2013

htc-logo-smallHTC’s Chief Operating Officer Matthew Costello has stepped down, after less than three years at the struggling Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer. This comes in the wake of an earlier mass exodus of key HTC executives, at a time when HTC only recently struggled with component shortages and ever decreasing smartphone sales worldwide.

HTC’s president of engineering and operation, Fred Liu, will take on Costello’s old responsibilities in a new, expanded role that includes operations, quality, sales, and services. Costello will also apparently stay on as an executive adviser. Analysts say this is a good move for HTC, as the company currently has too many executives, but others are worried that this is a sign of even more trouble for a manufacturer that’s had a hard enough time remaining profitable.

Still, in spite of these fears, HTC announced that last month its unaudited revenues total $970 million, which brings the total revenue for the year to over $3 billion. These numbers show that May was HTC’s best month so far in 2013.

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3 thoughts on “HTC’s COO leaves the company, while HTC reports highest monthly revenue of 2013

  • It looks like they’re forming themselves into something a bit more sustainable – a good move for them, and with the stellar reviews coming out on the One (besting the S4 in almost every major tech site), they have a good shot at finally figuring it out.

  • Unfortunately in today’s struggling competitive economy It doesn’t matter if you produce the better phone in comparison to others. It matters if you can sell it. And that’s the area HTC has been struggling with (Marketing/Sales) the most and what may kill the company as we know it.

  • Yea I agree the HTC EVO LTE is a great phone Sprints dropping the ball on the LTE end not HTC….. they need to advertise and go big like they did with the Galaxy S3 The phone is there now they just need to SELL it, put it in publics face from print to TV to adds LOL I’m typing this and right next to the box is a Sprint add with a Galaxy S4, They need to get an HTC phone in that add it was Sprints flagship device a few years ago talk about dropping the ball


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