Information on OpenJailbreak and possible iOS 7 jailbreak emerges

Activator-iOS-7There hasn’t been a whole lot going on in the jailbreak world in the last few months, seeing as though Apple patched the exploits used to jailbreak iOS versions up to 6.1.2, and the scene is holding onto additional exploits for a possible iOS 7 jailbreak.

Today things are heating up though, in a couple of ways. First you have OpenJailbreak, mentioned in a tweet from iOS jailbreak developer Joshua Hill. OpenJailbreak seems to be a repository of jailbreak code aimed at bringing the community together to more easily share ideas and developer jailbreaks quicker, rather than continuing the current team-based approach. So far new jailbreaks have generally been discovered by either individuals or groups of a few people working together, and things would likely go a lot faster if everyone worked together.

According to a comment Hill gave to, the new OpenJailbreak project is also just a part of a bigger plan. It might refer to a tweet from Ryan Petrich just hours ago, showing off a screenshot of a jailbroken iPod touch showing an amusing error message from the jailbreak app Activator, regarding the system OS being “too new”. The reason why no jailbreak has been made for iOS 6.1.3 and 6.1.4 has always been to save exploits for iOS 7, and from the looks of things, that might just have paid off.

Of course iOS 7 is still just in the beta phase, and so Apple might be able to patch whatever is being used in the screenshot before the final release. Generally speaking though, it’s unlikely that Apple will suddenly find exploits that have been there for ages without there being a jailbreak released to disclose the methods used, so I’m hopeful that the road to an iOS 7 jailbreak will be short, once the time to start worrying about that comes.

Either way, exciting news for jailbreak fans.

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