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Sense 5 lockscreen mod available for rooted HTC EVO 4G LTE

Sense 5 lockscreen on the HTC EVO 4G LTEThe Sense 5 lockscreen has been ported successfully to the HTC EVO 4G LTE, and it seems to run smoothly on a wide variety of custom ROMs.

The flashable mod also claims to include a modified call screen from Sense 5, although I’m not seeing what has changed. That is probably more due to my EVO 4G LTE customization than any fault of the mod, though.

In any case, the biggest change in the new Sense 5 lockscreen seems to be that you drag icons down to launch, as opposed to swiping up into a circle to launch, and the time is displayed pretty neatly in the bottom left corner. Unlocking still seems to consist of dragging from the bottom to centerish.

It’s a pretty simple-seeming change, but oddly it does feel like a different phone whenever I go to unlock it.

The lockscreen is a 19MB flashable zip, and just in case your ROM is not compatible with it, you should go ahead and make a nandroid backup. There’s also no flash-back to the previous lockscreen yet, so keep that nandroid on hand if you decide you hate the new one.

After it is installed, no further configuration is needed unless you want to change the default lockscreen icons like I did in the picture to the right.

For those of us who have been away from Sense for so long that you may have forgotten, to change the lock screen icons, you have to go into the HTC Sense launcher and drag icons in and out of the bar on the bottom.

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