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TWRP Manager by JMZ Software enters early alpha

TWRP ManagerTWRP Manager is an app by JMZ Software that aims to let you set most of your recovery operations while booted in Android for later execution by the Team Win Recovery Project custom recovery.

For those familiar with the recovery 4EXT, it’s sort of like the 4EXT Recovery Control, but in a fairly early incarnation. It’s also fairly device agnostic – chances are, whatever TWRP has been ported to, the TWRP Manager will work on it.

The project is in its infancy at the moment, and it doesn’t appear that you can queue up multiple zips to flash or do too much past what the recovery would do, but it’s a pretty neat start. There are even options in there for Dropbox uploading of backups, but it doesn’t appear to be implemented yet.

While the project is still in its infancy and it may not appear to do much beyond what TWRP already does, if you’re a flashaholic you’ve probably experienced more than once getting to the point where you’re ready to flash things and realizing you needed to look up something – and that’s where the Android-level managers are outstanding. The ability to pop over and check the instruction page on your phone before you do brain surgery on it is great, and that’s where this shines.

It’s not polished, and there are a few bugs in the interface, but there do not appear to be any problems sending the commands to TWRP to actually execute the jobs.

If you’re not much of a flasher, this probably isn’t for you. But it’s making progress toward becoming what the 4EXT crowd had hoped would become of Recovery Control.

Since it’s so neat for being this early on, I’d recommend giving it a spin if you’ve got a second.

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3 thoughts on “TWRP Manager by JMZ Software enters early alpha

  • Great article Paul!!!

    Also just in case anyone has any questions, you can head over to the Google + community where JMZ is usually active and can answer any questions…..

    I mean, is a better alternative if you run into problems and want some help instead of rating his app 1 star and leaving a nasty-gram in the playstore :)

  • Avatar of Keith Thomas (guitardoc64)

    It works. I installed it and tested it with a backup, and it worked fine. There has already been an update since yesterday. I’m looking forward to see what features will get added.


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