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Android Download Manager by Buggs2k Software delivers speeds, data

Android Download ManagerAndroid Download Manager by Buggs2k Software is a full-featured download manager that supports options you need if you’re doing any sort of large file downloads on your mobile device.

One of the greatest annoyances I have with cell phones is they’ve reached a level that they’re almost a perfect mobile computing device, but if I want to get a really large file (such as a custom ROM), chances are it’s not going to happen with the built in download application – especially if I’m moving faster than a stiff walk. Switching connections or losing signal for any amount of time usually causes all the download to be for naught, as the download manager included with the device generally will fail to continue on after an error in data transfer has occurred.

Android Download Manager can resume broken downloads due to connectivity changes, and in cases where the server supports it you can have up to 16 parallel connections per download which is useful for when you’re dealing with a host of mirrored servers and limited data connections via any pipe. It also includes the ability to stop, start, and pause any downloading file.

Android Download Manager also includes a file manager and works with most major web browsers to download from the browser without changing your default download manager. Downloads can also be queued up for later if you only want to grab large chunks of data when you hit a WiFi zone.

It also includes a video player that lists support for every format short of MKV that I’m familiar with.

In short, if you’re needing an application to grab large amounts of data such as full-blown ROMs, ISOs for use with Drivedroid, or gigs worth of other files and don’t have time to keep up with all the fails, Android Download Manager is probably for you. Until ROM developers finally start distributing their half-gigabyte ROMs via torrent protocol, this is required, unless you want to sit in one place to download updates.

QR for market linkOne thing to note is that it does not change the default download manager, so if you want to use it, you’ll need to choose to share the link you’re wanting to download to Android Download Manager.

Android Download Manager is available for free from Google Play.

Download: Google Play

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