Creating a virtual post-it note using Tasker, AutoRemote, and AutoNotification


Every so often, I find myself needing to put a small bit of information in a readily accessible place for a short period of time. Traditionally, this is the job of the post-it note, but finding paper and a pen around this house is a lost cause. I’ve used some fairly peculiar methods for this in the past, so when I needed to note down an address for sending a letter at the post office a few days ago, I just created a post-it replacement in Tasker.

The tools I used besides Tasker were AutoRemote and AutoNotification. There’s nothing here that hasn’t been covered in previous posts, so I’ll link to those where needed. The rest is just about putting it together in a certain way.

Using the AutoRemote plug-in for Chrome on my PC, I set up a simple command that sends text using the paramteter “note”, very similar to how the text copy setup I have works (just with different names for things).

Then I set up a Tasker profile with AutoRemote context with the filter “note=:=”, and tied it to a task that contains a single AutoNotification action. I used %arcomm as the text, made it persistent, gave it a button to cancel it out, and configured icons. Finally I made the profile that actually cancels the notification, based on the message sent by the button- all common AutoNotification stuff covered in the guide.

The result is a neat little feature where I can right click selected text in Chrome and send it to my device as a notification that can only be cancelled by the button in the notification. I plan on expanding it a bit more by making a bookmarklet, as well as add a way to do it on the device itself.

Not exactly the most complicated creation in Tasker history, but it serves its purpose, and works great.

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