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CyanogenMod’s new camera app Focal available for download

CyanogenMod Focal camera EVO 3D

CyanogenMod has a new camera app called Focal, which was designed as part of the Nemesis project, and it’s unofficially available for download as a flashable zip for rooted users right now.

Focal’s features include:

  • Picsphere
  • Front facing camera
  • 360 degree panorama
  • Scenes (including HDR)
  • Color effects and enhancements
  • Exposure measure mode
  • ISO sensitivity
  • Burst mode
  • Timer
  • And many more

The 10MB zip is also available as a standalone APK, although there have been some reported inconsistencies unique to both.

Focal is also based on CM’s AOSP tree, so chances are, unless you’re running some variant of CyanogenMod or compatible AOSP, this will most likely not work for you. And even if it does work for you, this is not an official release, so expect to run into bugs.

CM's Focal camera

Also, if you’re on Sense you will probably find it doesn’t work whatsoever. I tested it on two Sense devices, although I didn’t expect that it would work since there was no reason for it to. However, it worked pretty decently with only a couple of issues on my EVO 4G and EVO 3D running AOKP based ROMs.

So if you’re interested in trying this out, make a nandroid backup, head over to the source link, download, and flash. If it doesn’t work, well, it’s still early on and many devices don’t quite work perfectly (or at all), but when it works it’s pretty awesome.

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7 thoughts on “CyanogenMod’s new camera app Focal available for download

  • Avatar of Derek green

    I just downloaded the .apk and it won’t even run for me. Keeps force closing. Maybe it would’ve worked if I rooted first. How will it get fixed?

    • Rooting only gives you access to superuser, if it’s not working you would need a different ROM based on AOSP.

      What phone/rom/etc do you have?

      • Avatar of Derek green

        HTC evo 4g LTE. Tried to find other sites to download from but got same response, ”we’re sorry, focal has stopped’. Uninstalled and tried again. Same message

      • Avatar of Derek green

        Bone stock, HTC evo 4g lte. Sorry

        • Second to last paragraph “if you’re on Sense you will probably find it doesn’t work whatsoever” – HTC EVO 4G LTE is Sense unless you flash an AOSP

  • Avatar of Derek green

    Right on man, thanks.

    • I think the leaked 4.3 google camera works on Sense – can’t remember – wrote about it a couple of weeks ago


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