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Disgruntled HTC One S owners petition HTC for more software updates


We reported last week that the HTC One S won’t get updated to Android 4.2.2, in spite of the fact that HTC promised updates for all its phones for at least 18 months. Some people just can’t take no for an answer, though, and have decided to formally petition HTC for continued support for the One S through After all, the One S happens to perform similarly to the One X in standard Android benchmarks, and the One X will get updated. HTC also happened to promise on its Facebook page back in February that the One S would receive this update.

Whether or not you own the One S yourself, you should seriously consider signing the petition at the source link below – especially if you are concerned about Android fragmentation, and if you think companies owe it to their customers to follow through on their promises. The One S is technically capable of running Android 4.2.2, since many in the root world have already flashed Sense 5/Android 4.2.2 ROMs onto their devices, with few if any issues. The more people who show their concern about this issue, the more likely HTC will be to make sure all its flagship phones will be updated for reasonable amounts of time after release – and this could also put more pressure on other Android manufacturers to perform similarly, as well.

As of publication, the petition is approaching 5,000 signatures, which is quite a feat in such a short amount of time. Hopefully, you’ll show your support, too!

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5 thoughts on “Disgruntled HTC One S owners petition HTC for more software updates

  • I don’t own a One S, but I signed this petition for all of the reasons John mentioned. Thanks for writing this article.

  • Avatar of Simon Belmont

    Sadly. HTC probably isn’t going to change their stance on this.

    It’s not profitable for them to update this phone, though it sure would look good, PR wise, for them to do it, and I agree that they SHOULD reconsider. But they just had less than rosy quarterly financials go public, so I wouldn’t be surprised if this was one result of it.

  • Avatar of NelsonTitua

    I signed(Proud owner of an HTC eVo 4g lte)

  • Avatar of Cody Millard

    either that (signing the petition) or rather than beating a dead dog they could just make their voices heard with their dollars i dumped HTC when the GS4 launched and have had no problems with my phone and it was already updated so no need to wait for it, my HTC Evo 4G LTE was replaced over 10 TIMES! The updates were always way behind the competition and that ultimately won my money and thats really the only voting factor you can use with them and obviously them being in the shitter financially still hasn’t taught them a damn thing i hope they fail as a company their blatant disregard from what consumers want from them is always disregarded thats the only consistency from HTC that you can depend on

  • HTC needs to just release general hardware drivers for developers to get a hold of and fix their mistakes and keep these phones alive with their rom/kernel support.


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