Google Chromebooks are now the fastest growing segment of the PC market


Here’s another tidbit for all you naysayers out there: According to a new report by the NPD Group, Inc., Chromebooks are rapidly gaining market share as the rest of the PC market continues to shrink. Specifically, in the past eight months, Chromebooks have managed to garner 20-25% of the US market for laptops that cost under $300.

According to NPD analyst Stephen Baker, “While we were skeptical initially, I think Chromebooks definitely have found a niche in the marketplace … The entire computing ecosystem is undergoing some radical change, and I think Google has its part in that change.”

This fantastic growth is in no small part thanks to the immense success of the Samsung Chromebook on ARM, which continues to be the best selling laptop on Amazon and has enjoy almost 260 days in that position. That’s certainly quite a feat in its own right.

It finally seems that people are starting to get it: in an increasingly cloud-centric world, it doesn’t make sense to lug around big, heavy, clunky machines with bloated OSes that are vulnerable to viruses, spyware, and other headaches. Chrome OS is able to offer most people everything they need in a personal computing device, with little or no compromises – and that’s a good thing.

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2 thoughts on “Google Chromebooks are now the fastest growing segment of the PC market

  • No offense but this reads like an ad. Largest growth is easy starting with 0. Sell one and that’s 100% growth. Biggest in segment in easy when segment is defined as silver notebooks with less than 100gb local storage that cost less than $300. No modern OS is big bloated vulnerable and dangerous the way things are made out here. How about the fact that in this “cloud centric world” a huge number of users still have a pretty large number of apps that aren’t available in a browser or have a need to work even when there is no connection? Chromebooks have a niche. A really small niche. Based entirely on price. Anyone who can afford an ultrabook or a MacBook Air is almost certainly not passing over them in favor of a Chromebook which the sales figures clearly show despite the super favorable spin put on them here.

  • Chromebooks are not meant to replace laptops. They are not meant to be for every type of user. Like many things in IT (as in life), not every device is meant for everyone or every situation.

    Chromebooks are meant for users that spend most of their time in a browser and want a device that starts up fast and is easy to use. That’s a nice sized market.

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