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How to block your caller ID when using Google Voice and Hangouts to call out

blocked caller IDNow that Gmail calling has finally returned through Google Hangouts, it’s finally possible to easily make and receive phone calls using your Google Voice number right from the web. And while Google has added in some great new features, such as multi-line conference calling and sound effects, one feature is notably lacking: the ability to block your caller ID when placing outbound phone calls from the web.

Luckily, I’ve found a solution for those times when you just don’t want the recipient to know its you on the other end of the phone. To block your caller ID, simply follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to, sign in, and click on your phone number.
  2. Click the Delete link next to your phone number, and then click Proceed. Don’t worry – you will retain the ability to reclaim this number for 90 days, so it’s not gone forever!
  3. Complete your phone call through Google Hangouts. (Your number will appear as Blocked or Unavailable to the recipient.)
  4. Go back to, and click on your number, under “Get your old number back.”
  5. Follow the steps to reclaim that phone number, which may include re-confirming one of your forwarding phones.

That’s it! Granted, this method is quite cumbersome, and Google might close this loophole at any time. Still, it’s a nice workaround that will hopefully stick around until Google incorporates this feature permanently into Google Hangouts.

Do you have any Google Hangouts/Google Voice tips of your own?

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