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How to enable Sprint Hotspot on a stock rooted HTC EVO 4G LTE and some others

RootToolsIf you’re rooted, chances are one of the reasons you did so was to be able to unlimit your limited “unlimited” data usage and use the native hotspot functionality of the phone. Chances are, right after rooting you discovered that all your work did nothing to enable Sprint’s hotspot functionality.

To obtain hotspot use, usually a custom ROM was required, or you’d need to install WiFi Tether for Root Users, which – depending on what device and build you had – might require a replacement kernel that supported this function. In short, hotspot use requires an increasingly complex series of root actions that may leave your phone melted down if you flash the wrong thing, or your particular firmware didn’t quite like flashing a kernel partition.

Evidently there’s a far easier way than the above, and it should be able to be done with the stock rooted ROM on your phone. All that needs to happen (hopefully) is this line added to the build.prop file on your device:


It’s very important that you make a nandroid backup here – if you mess up the build.prop file, there are chances the device may not boot, may be stuck in a loop, or your walls may melt. Anything you do from here on out, just make sure you’re backed up.

To do this, all you need is a root-capable file explorer/editor such as ES File Explorer, to mount /system as read/write, and then go in and edit your build.prop adding the above line.

Alternately if you’re comfortable using a terminal emulator you could attempt to execute the following:

echo “ro.tether.denied=false” >> /system/build.prop

It’s pretty important to note that there are two greater-than signs there. If you slip up and only use one you’ll overwrite your build.prop and may not be able to boot the phone again.

If you’re more comfortable flashing a patch in recovery mode, the source link below has two: one to flash the mod, and one to remove it.

After a reboot you should be able to use native Sprint Hotspot without getting error 67.

It should be noted that in most contracts, this is considered a violation of your agreement. This does not mean you’d get out of contract free, but it means they’d charge you with an early termination fee if they wanted to. I’ve used forms of this for a couple of years now with no complaints, but only for small things such as sending an email from my laptop which really is next to unnoticeable in terms of data usage. Attempt to torrent 56GB of movies and my bet is you’ll be quickly receiving phone calls from Sprint’s legal department.

This may work with any Sense device, and it may not, but it’s a pretty simple first thing to try.

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8 thoughts on “How to enable Sprint Hotspot on a stock rooted HTC EVO 4G LTE and some others

  • Thank you for posting this. It wil come in handy with my kids ipods.

  • What are the advantages of this over the WiFi Tether app? I’ve always just used that on my EVOs, and it always worked – even with the stock kernels. It seems easier to set up…

    • Lots of devices can’t connect to the WiFi tether app due to it being an ad-hoc network. Fo rme, the only other device I have that I use with any regularity – the Sony Tablet S on ICS build does not have the required modules to handle ad-hoc.

      So tethering was useless until this.

      Of course, if you have an AOSP ROM chances are the built in tethering is going to work out of the box.

  • On the HTC ONE, it has been a nightmare trying to get ANY tethering app to work properly with my note 10.1. Most of the issue is with the note it’s self not being able to connect to a AD-hoc network. I will be re-installing stock and give this a try today… who needs to work anyways. (sigh)

  • You could also just create a bash file and run that, it’s easier to edit a file and read it to make sure you enter the right thing.
    echo “ro.tether.denied=false” >> /system/build.prop


    thus you won’t accidentally run it early.

  • Does this work with current software version 3.16.651.3

    • Should work on all rooted EVOs as of last month. I don’t think there’s been a software update in that time (sorry, new baby has been cutting into my EVO knowledge)

      • Avatar of Congratulator

        Congratulations on you new baby….enjoy.


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