MagBak Kickstarter project is an interesting new iPad accessory

The Smart Cover for the iPad is great, but the lack of magnets on the back of the iPad to keep the cover attached to the back when the iPad is in use is annoying. That’s why I currently use a back cover for my iPad mini that I modified with magnets to grab the cover. It works great, is one of my all time favorite mods, and it just fixes an issue that should never have been there to begin with.

Now, there is a project on Kickstarter that is trying to raise funding to fix this issue on a commercial scale. The MagBak is a pair of silicone pads that stick to the back of your full-size iPad and contain magnets to hold the Smart Cover. The pads will also give you a better grip of the iPad, raise it off the tablet when on its back, and work as a magnetic mounting system to metal surfaces or an included o-ring that you can stick wherever you go.

I think this is a great idea, and it seems to be well executed. There is however no mention of an iPad mini version in the project description itself, but like every other full size iPad-focused Kickstarter project out there, it has already been brought up in the comments, and apparently a MagBak Mini is coming. Why that isn’t mentioned in the description I don’t know, but I have a feeling it wasn’t actually coming until someone brought it up. It kinda amuses me how so many iPad projects out there make the same mistake, making me wonder if they actually bother reading older projects to see what people ask about before publishing the project.

Assuming the project is funded, the MagBak will likely start shipping in September. There are still early bird rewards left that will get you one for $24, and after that it’s $34, which isn’t exactly cheap, but also not that bad. There’s also a system where you can spread the word about the project and get an extra metal mounting ring for free. Not quite sure how I feel about such marketing strategies, but you’ll have to make that decision for yourself.

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