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MoDaCo Switch for HTC One enters public beta, now also in development for Samsung Galaxy S4

MoDaCo Switch screenshotWell, that was fast. Just days after announcing MoDaCo Switch for the HTC One, and then starting a private beta, the software is now available in an open public beta. For those of you who haven’t been keeping track of this project, MoDaCo Switch is an easy way to switch between the HTC Sense ROM and the Google Play Edition ROM on the HTC One smartphone, without losing data or having to flash two ROMs multiple times in recovery. Instead, users flash the modified ROM once, and then are able to access the Switch functionality in the app drawer.

Apparently the switch software is working so great, and the private beta was so popular, that the developer Paul O’Brien is now confident enough to let anyone who wants try it out. Still, since this is a beta after all, bugs might be present, so proceed at your own risk. Obtaining S-OFF is also highly recommended, but not required.

Interestingly, Switch is now also available for the Samsung Galaxy S4. It’s currently being handled as an Indiegogo project with several pledge levels available, most below £10.

All of the details and instructions can be found in the MoDaCo source link below.

[MoDaCo via Android Community]


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2 thoughts on “MoDaCo Switch for HTC One enters public beta, now also in development for Samsung Galaxy S4

  • Hope this will come back to the EVO 4G LTE… I love me some AOSP but this camera is killing me

  • Amen Paul! I loved stock android on evo4g however once I understood the camera was just not going to be the same (for now and hopefully getting closer) I’ve never left a sense Rom on evolte.
    I noticed on your new article pertaining to new Android version someone mentioned team venoms rom. It was actually the first one I used on this new device (tons of customization) until you turned me on to MeanBean and never looked back. As we know, sadly that rom is no longer being supported and I’m kinda itching to have some latest and greatest! Have you by chance had time to look into what team venom has been up to regarding jewel?

    Thanks for any information!


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