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Newer Technology’s Power2U AC/USB Wall Outlet review

The Power2U is a replacement wall outlet socket set with two built-in USB charging ports and two standard US 3-prong 120 volt outlets. The purpose of this gadget is to put all your charging needs into one 15-amp socket and eliminate the need to have a couple of AC to USB converters hanging out and taking up space. It also has vampire-stopping technology that shuts off the USB power when there is nothing plugged in.

In theory this sounds like a pretty cool idea to eliminate some AC/USB converters hanging off the wall, creating phantom drain. While it can really free up some space, there are some issues you may run into when using this day to day.

Power2U 15 Amp AC/USB Wall OutletPower2U downsides

First, you’re going to need a little bit of electrical experience, or if you’re in California, I understand that you’re going to need a licensed electrician for this if you want to do it legally.

Next, the entire unit saves space by putting converters on the back side. I found out pretty quickly that it doesn’t fit in old house electrical boxes. It also doesn’t share space too well with a crowded large box with extra wiring in there. You’ll need room, which may require you to do some wall surgery.

I’m also led to believe from  other reviews that the USB power is unreliable due to the faceplate having switches on the USB sliders, and it does not fit correctly in anything standard, but I have not had that happen. Your mileage may vary.

Additionally, larger power block adapters can get in the way of the USB connectors. You’ll also need to close the USB doors to switch on the power-saving features of the thing, which means disconnecting whatever USB device you have plugged in.

Power2U upsides

This definitely saves space and looks cool, and if you get it working properly it will save you a minuscule amount on vampire energy drain, as long as you remember to flip the USB switch closed.

It also looks pretty neat if you can get it in and mounted before you want to throw it out the window screaming.

The 15 Amp Power2U AC/USB Wall Outlet is available from Amazon for $13.48. A 20 Amp version is also available from the manufacturer.

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