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Patch Monkey AOSP 3.4.10 Kernel released for HTC EVO 4G LTE

Patch Monkey Kernel logoPatch Monkey is an Android 4.2.2 kernel based on the code from the CyanogenMod 3.4.10 kernel, which has been modified for the HTC EVO 4G LTE to add more governers, overclocking, underclocking, and schedulers.

While it does not yet feature sweep to wake, fast charge, GPU overclocking, or various CPU/voltage tweaks, the developer jamieg71 lists those on the to-do list.

One of the more interesting things this kernel does is underclock to 192 MHz for a near-death sleep mode. No other kernel that I know does that, and depending on your ROM, you may or may not be able to wake from that, so use it with caution.

It also features a Frandom module built in, which generates random numbers at a significantly higher speed than what ships with Android, although I’ll confess ignorance in what use a humongous random number generating module is used for.

The Patch Monkey Kernel currently features:

I/O Schedulers


  • asswax
  • conservative
  • intellidemand
  • interactive
  • ondemand
  • performance
  • powersave
  • userspace

While benchmarks generally don’t show a direct correlation between their score and real world performance, using the Patch Monkey kernel overclocked to 1.7gHZ and and the latest Quadrant Standard, I beat the HTC One X and One S by about 20%, so there’s that. It certainly feels like a bat out of hell.

All the usual precautions should be heeded – make a nandroid backup, wipe your Dalvik and cache partitions, flash, and enjoy!

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