Possible AutoVoice accessory spotted at DealExtreme

bt badgeA couple of months ago I wrote about the upcoming CommBadge “Bluetooth badge”, a small Bluetooth speakerphone you can clip to your shirt, and how it might be an interesting gadget for AutoVoice. The price was rather offputting however, with a starting price of $89. Them ,yesterday, I spotted a new product available on the Chinese gadget site DealExtreme that might be the perfect substitute.

Named the “KP100 Collar Bar Type Mini Bluetooth V3.0 Voice Prompt Stereo Speaker – Black“, the $21.30 device seems to basically be a clip-on Bluetooth speaker of similar functionality as the CommBadge, but with a much better price and frankly a better design. It claims to have a 3W speaker, which with a 240mAh battery sounds like a device with battery life issues, but other than that it’s very interesting. There’s what seems to be a button on top, which I hope is (or can be made) compatible with AutoVoice’s Bluetooth headset button functionality. I’m hoping that this device will be able to both initiate AutoVoice Recognize and play back and responses at decent volume, making it a perfect AutoVoice accessory.

I ordered one yesterday to try it, and will of course report back when I get it. Knowing DealExtreme it will take anywhere from a week to a month to get it though, so I thought I would post this now so that anyone else who sees the potential in this can decide for themselves if they also want to gamble on it being good and get one right away. These DealExtreme gadgets can either be a hit or a miss, so it might be spot on or it might be garbage can fodder- I won’t know for a while yet. At only about $20 with free shipping though, I’m willing to find out.

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