Sprinkle Islands is an evolutionary successor to the first Sprinkle game for iOS and Android

sprinkle-islands-2It’s been a year and a half since I wrote about the first Sprinkle game, and now, the successor has been released on iOS and Android. The new game is very much an evolutionary successor to the first one, employing the same basic game elements but with new features to keep things interesting.

The premise of the game is that you need to put out fires across the islands of Titan using a touch controlled fire truck. The water follows the laws of physics , so you need to use a variety of tricks to somehow get water to the fires in time, and without using up all your water in the process. As you progress in the game, you have to move more rocks, push more buttons, and do other things to achieve the goal. If you use up all the water, you fail, and even if you don’t, using more water than necessary will affect your score.

As far as puzzle games go, Sprinkle to me has a more dynamic difficulty range. It’s fairly easy to clear a level, but less easy to do it with top score, unlike some games that throw the max score in your face right away. Some of the controls annoy me a bit, specifically how the angle of the nozzle is always relative to the height of the arm instead of being a separate entity, as well as the lack of a double-tap-to-spray option that would have made this playable with one hand. Other than that, this is a typically awesome casual puzzle game, the kind that mobile platforms have become kings of.


The original game was a lot of fun, and this is just more of it. It keeps the original feel of the game, and just evolves it a little bit. The graphics are also great, and there are little bits of humor in there, like when you try to drive your fire truck under a low ceiling with the arm extended. There are free versions for both iOS and Android, with the paid version being $1.99.

sprinkle qr android

Download: Google Play

sprinkle qr ios

Download: iTunes

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