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T-Mobile HTC One updated to 1.27.531.11, with improved LTE

HTC One T-MobileThe T-Mobile branded HTC One is receiving an OTA software update to version 1.27.531.11. Coming in at a whopping 247MB, the update is said to improve software stability and LTE and cell reception. It also includes some processor enhancements, which will hopefully improve battery life and allow the phone to run even more smoothly.

Interestingly, T-Mobile is offering this update not only through the traditional OTA method, but also through HTC’s website, where users can download the update and sideload it onto their devices. T-Mobile also says that it will only deliver the update through August 9; most likely it will still be available from HTC after this date.

As always, if you’re rooted, accept this OTA at your own risk. Developers are likely to release an updated rooted version of most custom ROMs very soon, so it’s probably best to wait until this is available for your particular setup. If you’re running stock, though, be sure to let us know if you notice any additional improvements and enhancements, along with any new bugs.

[T-Mobile via Android Community]
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6 thoughts on “T-Mobile HTC One updated to 1.27.531.11, with improved LTE

  • Avatar of Simon Belmont

    Improve the battery life and allow the phone to run even more smoothly? Wow, I was already really impressed with the battery life and smoothness on my wife’s T-Mobile HTC One.

    Hopefully this is a precursor to the Android 4.2.2 update for the T-Mobile HTC One. I know my wife is looking forward to the quick settings with that one.

  • My phone says it is up to date with 1.27.531.8.
    How do I get the update?

    • Avatar of Luis Berrios

      If you are T-Mobile then your phone should prompt you about the update soon.

  • Ok got the update.
    Phones feels snappier. And my back button responds better too now.

  • hey guys I have downloaded the update but when I tap the ok button to install it the phone turns off and then the installing screen appears for about 2 seconds, then some red triangle comes out, like a warning. can you guys help?

  • Updated the one when the release came out… Huge increase in battery life! HTC one goes 2 days on battery before the update it only went for a day. Much smoother as well.


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