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Google+ finally ditches Messenger, integrates Drive, brings better Pages integration

Drive Photos in Google PlusOut with the old, and in with the new: Google+ for Android is getting a much-needed update that finally brings some new functionality for managers of Google+ pages and Google Drive users, while removing some old functionality that became outdated once Hangouts was unveiled. The app is now at version 4.1, although this seems to be another staggered roll out, so not everyone is able to update quite yet.

Perhaps most exciting for me (since I happen to manage to Pocketables Google+ page), this update makes it much easier not only to switch between accounts, but also pages. Users will be able to manage multiple pages with just a few taps, whereas previously this required actually signing out of Google+ completely. Since Google has been so focused on mobile lately, I’m surprised it has taken this long to bring this functionality over to the Android app, but at least it’s here now.

Additionally, users will be given more options in regards to location sharing, with newly added abilities to share precise street-level location or broader city-level location on a circle-by-circle basis. You’ll also have more control over who appears on your Locations map.

Photos and videos stored in Google Drive will also now be available to share in the Google+ app, and any photos that you have stored in Google Drive can now be auto-enhanced using the Google+ Photos features. Since many people have been asking for better integration between Google Drive and Google+ Photos, hopefully this is a sign of more good things to come (like Google+ Photos also appearing in Drive).

Finally, Messenger is being retired at last. I’m not really sure if anyone used it to begin with, but in case you have any conversations you want to save, you’ll be able to export them using Google Takeout.

To check and see if the update is available for you now, just click below. (Oh, did I mention that you can now use the pull-to-refresh gesture?)


Download: Google Play

[Google via Android Community]
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