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Google Now tip: Use location-based reminders so you never forget the milk

Google Now location based reminderWouldn’t it be cool if your phone was smart enough to remind you to do certain things based on your location? For example, your phone might alert you to pick up your prescription the next time you’re near the pharmacy, or to send in your TPS reports as soon as you get to the office. Did you know your phone can already do this?

A little known secret of Google Now is the ability to set location-based reminders. For example, I’ve asked my phone to remind me to pick up milk the next time I’m at Target. To set these reminders, just say:

Remind me to [ … ] the next time I’m at […]

When you say the name of a retail location, your phone will automatically select the closest location based on where you currently are, although it’s easy to adjust this if you want to specify a different location.

To me, this is a killer feature of Google Now. Sure, I like weather forecasts, and lists of nearby places and events. I like being able to simply say, “Navigate home,” or have my phone answer aloud, “How tall is Barack Obama?” But those are all novelties, or even gimmicks – location-based reminders, on the other hand, are truly useful, and they work wonderfully.

The next time I’m at Target, or even near Target, I can count on my phone to vibrate and remind me to buy some milk, even if it’s several weeks from now. How cool is that?

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