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Tasker is hard to learn, which is why my many articles on the subject actually have a purpose. It’s also why every Tasker forum out there is filled to the brim with help requests, and there are in fact quite a few Tasker forums available at this point in time. Unfortunately, it’s often very hard to find information suitable for experienced users on these forums, and it’s very easy for any post that isn’t a beginner’s help request to drown in all those who are. That’s why we’ve created a subforum here at Pocketables that is dedicated for more advanced Tasker discussion, and nothing else.

The new think tank forum is meant to be a place where more experienced Tasker users can discuss techniques and creations. This can be sharing more advanced creations without having to explain every little detail, discussing the most efficient way of doing something, brainstorming ways of doing something that hasn’t been done before, and so on. I will be posting there frequently, and share some things I’m working on that isn’t ready for prime time yet. This forum might also replace the Provided As Is series of posts.

Help requests are allowed, but only for more advanced problems, and not your average beginner problems. I know that the line between “beginner” and “more advanced” is highly subjective, which is why the forum will be heavily moderated. If I feel that a topic is better suited for standard Tasker forums, it will simply be deleted, no harm done.

The reason why we’re not creating a separate forum to move such topics to instead of just deleting them is that you already have the Tasker Google Group, the Tasker subreddit, the Tasker Google+ page, and several other places that are better suited to handle beginner queries, especially since the official Google Group is run by the developer himself. The point here is to try something new, not more of the same old. I feel that the existence of those places makes it ok for me to create a place that’s more heavily moderated, so I hope that no one takes the deletion of any posted threads personally.

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