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Leaked photos show off the HTC One Max

HTC One Max leakWe’ve known for a little while now that the HTC One Max would be arriving later this year, and now we’ve finally got some leaked photos to share with you. These come courtesy the Taiwanese website ePrice, and show us a phone that looks almost exactly like the existing HTC One – just bigger (surprise!).

Rumored specs for the HTC One Max include a 5.9-inch screen, which is a full inch larger than the screen on the original HTC One. It will have the same 1080p resolution, which means it will have a slightly lower DPI, although this probably won’t be very noticeable to most people. It’s also rumored to sport a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 2.3G GHz chip, instead of the Snapdragon 600 that the original One has, along with a 3300mAh battery.

However, other than that, the device is expected to keep the same 2GB of RAM, the same 4MP “Ultrapixel” back camera, the same 2.1MP front-facing camera, and the same front-facing dual speakers. It is expected to come with 16GB of onboard storage and a microSD card slot, which is sure to please many of you. Chinese markets will apparently have models that offer dual SIM functionality, but most of the rest of the world probably won’t see that. AT&T is expected to begin selling this in September.

Will you be upgrading to the One Max, or are you happy with your current device?

[ePrice via Android Community]
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