LG’s rumored 8.3-inch 1080p LG G Pad is a great idea


There are quite a number of small Android tablets on the market today, from the Samsung Galaxy Tab line to the Nexus 7. However, with the exception of the Galaxy Note 8.0 and the Kindle Fire 8.9, most of these small tablets have 7-inch displays with a 16:10 aspect ratio.

As I found out last year after using an iPad mini over Christmas, the ideal size for a small tablet is actually about 8 inches, with a 4:3 aspect ratio. Sadly, there aren’t any 4:3 Android tablets from a major manufacturer, and the only 8-inch tablets are either hampered by Amazon’s customization or Samsung’s build quality, software, and focus on the S-Pen.

So, while there are technically one or two options for 8-inch tablets out there, they are not quite high-end, mainstream, or successful options. Clearly, there is room in the market for a high-end 8-inch Android tablet, and today’s rumor says LG will be producing one.

According to a Greek technology blog, LG is set to unveil the LG G Pad this September. The main feature would be an 8.3-inch, 1920 x 1200 display packed in to a frame much like that of the Nexus 7, only slightly larger. In addition, it should include a quad-core processor and 2GB of RAM, which is fairly standard for current flagship tablets.

Had LG not made the Nexus 4, I would probably be quite skeptical about this rumored device. Indeed, LG has already made an 8.9-inch tablet, and it was quite bad. However, the Nexus 4 has given me confidence that LG can put together a great product, and perhaps with a little help from Google, sell it at a great price.

Obviously, 7-inch tablets have so far been quite successful, but to me they just aren’t quite useful enough, as I explained in my post about the iPad mini. They are a little too close to phone size, especially with the 5.3-inch smartphones now in use. Still, since it is either that or 10-inch tablets, consumers buy plenty of 7-inch tablets.

Of course, a great 8-inch tablet might finally change the small tablet market, and if the LG G Pad truly is only marginally larger than the Nexus 7 but includes a much bigger display, it should be a huge hit. I know that I’ll buy one, despite having given up on the new Nexus 7.

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