Quirky Crossover iPhone 5 case review

The Quirky Crossover is a set of straps that go on an iPhone 5 to form a minimalist protective case and credit card/ID holder. While the case itself looks pretty minimal, the corner protection (and subsequent screen protection) offered by it is not.

The case itself is comprised of two somewhat stretchy silicone straps, laid one over the other. The sketchiness of the straps allows you to put up to four business or credit cards on the back of your iPhone, which adds a little bit more protection to the device.

The camera remains unobscured, and the function of the phone is pretty much fine, but you’ll start feeling after some use that you now have bumpers on a formerly flat iPhone to play with. These bumpers tend to want to catch on pockets, collect lint, and otherwise make sure you know that they’re there.

Quirky Crossover

They’ll protect the iPhone like nobody’s business from a fall onto a sidewalk, but they offer no protection against a single point of contact such as dropping the phone face down or on its side onto a rock, like a fuller case could do.

I really like the idea of cases that can carry all the cards you might need for a night on the town, and this does a pretty good job of securing them, but this case is not quite the solution to only needing one thing to carry with you that I’d like. It’s good, don’t get me wrong, but it’s a wee bit bulky and a little short in the storage department.

For a $15 case, I really love the thing though. Unfortunately it’s not $15. The Quirky Crossover case comes with a price tag of about $35, and reviews on Quirky’s website tend to indicate that strap breakage and stretching from being used as a wallet is a factor to consider.

It’d make a good gift for someone who swaps out cases on a regular basis and wants a going-out case, but at $35 the price point is a little steep for two straps.

Overall, I like the idea, but the materials just didn’t feel amazing, and evidently aren’t after a while going by reviews. It’s a case I’d show off, but not something I think I’d really trust fully considering it’s mostly a corner bumper guard.

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Putting the case on, and removing it is a breeze, possibly the easiest case I have ever dealt with. It’s a product I really want to like, but I’m not in love with it.

For all the uniqueness, it just feels and functions averagely. I just wanted them to throw some grip bumps on the back, or somehow throw in a kickstand into the equation.

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