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EasyGApps finds and downloads the latest GApps package for AOSP ROMs

EasyGAppsIf you’ve flashed many AOSP ROMs, you’ve probably noticed that you generally have to locate a Google Apps package that works with that particular ROM/Android version, and there are usually options for levels of bloat depending on what you’re looking for. EasyGApps is an application that makes this a bit easier, by finding and downloading a GApps package for your specific ROM.

In the simplest terms, EasyGApps is a maintained set of bookmarks that allows you to download whatever Google Apps packages you want from wherever you want. While you could keep these bookmarked yourself, or download it with the ROM, this tool makes it a bit easier – and themeing options make it fit into most ROMs’ styles.

During my testing of the app, I found that the back end websites for the ParanoidAndroid packages and the author’s own website were not found, so it looks like there’s some more work that needs to be done with adding mirrors. However, it’s just been released and these are problems with external services, so it’s not really a fault of the app.

The application comes with multiple themes, which could make it pretty useful as an embedded ROM item.

Overall, it’s a pretty neat tool for locating GApps packages, although I don’t think hardcore flashers are going to be all that interested in the thing: they probably have a folder full of every GApps package ever released, but for people who don’t know where to go to grab the latest and greatest, it’s a great starting point.

While I can’t think of a reason at this hour for non-root people to have this application, it does not require root to operate. However, without a custom recovery software, which generally means you’re rooted, you can’t really do anything with the Google Apps packages you download.

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