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How to update Profile, PRL, radio firmware and retain everything on rooted HTC EVO 4G LTEs

EVO System UpdatesWhile rooted Sense ROMs on the HTC EVO 4G LTE can update a user’s profile and PRL, there are no rooted ROMs that I know of, Sense or AOSP, that can update radio firmware as well, at least without you losing root or having serious problems, and no AOSP ROM that I am aware of can update the Profile or PRL without a computer handy.

This weekend I had the horror of horrors – no ROM I flashed would function properly, either the data on AOSP ROMs would be non-existent or the phone would refuse to wake from sleep no matter what I flashed. I’m not exactly sure what was happening, but the first course of action I did was restore to a ROM I knew worked (last week’s backup) and then proceed, after finding that it was broken as well, to set a course for updating the radio firmware, profile, and PRL.

These steps vary by S-ON and S-OFF, so make sure you’re doing the right method. You also may find that when you update the firmware, your ROM might not like the new firmware, so make sure to have another ROM handy on the device that’s known to work with the latest firmware. Also make sure you can download all the items needed before you start. You do not want to be halfway in and then one of the links go dead due someone tripping over a network cable in Utah.

In either scenario you’ll need a toolkit with ADB and fastboot – what you used to unlock and root initially should work, but verify they exist and aren’t corrupt before you plunge in.

S-OFF update Profile, PRL, radio firmware

  • Nandroid backup (I’m assuming you’ll use TWRP later on) – you’ll need this to restore. Make sure to include .android_secure.
  • Download the latest RUU from AndroidRUU or similar. Currently it’s the JB_45 one.
  • Run the RUU – it will wipe your phone and boot you into Sense.
  • From Sense, do the minimal setup needed to get you to the home screen.
  • Settings > System updates > Firmware update – it will find one as the most current version if the EVO 4G LTE RUU is not out
  • Let it reboot, check again just in case.
  • Update profile.
  • Update PRL.
  • Make a phone call to verify you’re still working.
  • Download TWRP image for the Jewel.
  • Reboot the phone into bootloader.
  • With the EVO 4G  saying Fastboot USB, flash the TWRP image using fastboot flash recovery imagenameyoujustdownloaded.img.
  • Reboot into recovery.
  • Make a nandroid backup of your stock Sense.
  • Restore your original nandroid backup.

S-ON update Profile, PRL, radio firmware

While I’d love to have a list here that is simply “get S-OFF, do the above,” I’ll warn you that by updating your firmware to the latest you might be putting yourself into a situation where you cannot ever accomplish a root exploit or flash a kernel properly, so be wary of that before you proceed.

Also, if you’re worried about the complexity of getting S-OFF, please be aware this is significantly less complex than attempting to deal with a phone that refuses to flash kernels properly when you’re stuck in a bootloop.

  • Nandroid backup (we’ll assume you’re using TWRP for purposes of this).
  • Download the latest RUU from AndroidRUU.
  • While I’m not completely sure on this step, as I recall you will be required to re-lock the bootloader in order to execute the RUU. The command is fastboot oem lock. You can skip this if the RUU executes completely with no issues.
  • Execute the RUU.
  • Do the minimal setup needed to get to the Sense home screen.
  • Settings > System updates > Firmware update – it should find a newer version of the firmware.
  • Update, let it reboot, check again.
  • Update profile.
  • Update PRL.
  • Make a phone call to verify you’re still working.
  • You’ll need to HTCDev unlock at this point, or if you still have your unlock token from a previous unlock you can probably skip some steps and go straight to the unlock command.
  • Download the latest TWRP image for the Jewel.
  • Reboot the phone into bootloader.
  • Where you see “Fastboot USB” on the phone, push the image from a computer using fastboot flash recovery imagenameyoujustdownloaded.img.
  • Reboot into recovery.
  • Make a nandroid of the stock ROM you just RUUed in case your ROM doesn’t play nice.
  • Restore your original nandroid.
  • If it doesn’t boot up, you’ll need to flash the kernel separately via Fastboot or download a ROM with an S-ON friendly kernel installer that works with your current firmware.

In either scenario it’s a pain, especially since you’re coming back into restoring a ROM that you do not know how it will function with the most current radio firmware. However with the S-ON option you’re pretty much stuck with the latest and possibly worst firmware out there. With S-OFF you can always flash a different bootloader, kernel, firmware, etc.

Updating profile and PRL in the future

Since I had you make a nandroid of that stock Sense ROM, in the future when you want to update your PRL or profile, just make a nandroid of your current ROM, restore the stock one, update profile and PRL, reboot into recovery, restore your current ROM.

Keep in mind if you attempt to update the firmware at this point make sure to have a computer handy, as you might be in for a long and complex debugging session as new firmwares introduce fixes, and add bugs galore to some older ROMs.

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11 thoughts on “How to update Profile, PRL, radio firmware and retain everything on rooted HTC EVO 4G LTEs

  • Avatar of Capt4chris

    Well… So how did your situation work out?? I don’t think you wrapped that part up. :-)

    • Sort of 50/50. Once I updated the radio firmware the phone no longer behaved like a rancid POS. Unfortunately the ROM I was using became unusable because the .android_secure was not backed up (missed that somehow)

      However, after the updates I was able to flash a ROM and everything functioned normally. No more random lockups. No more data issues, although I did jump to Sense for a bit.

  • Avatar of emmanuelC

    I had the same issue this weekend as well. I jumped back and forth on ROMS . Sense and AOSP … eventually I decided to settle with Meanbean ROM and Monday morning the data was no normal…weird

  • I was using Ur Evo and data was giving me a ton of problems. It would work…then slightly die several hours later. No matter what I did this would happen.

    I installed the HTC “Spyware” portion from the add-ons that allowed for Profile and PRL updates.

    I ended up flashing LOTK CARBON ROM. The GPS went out, installed the CM 10.2 GPS fix and I am having no problems at all anymore.

    Really liking AOKP. Don’t see myself going back to sense. This has probably cemented my decision on a non-HTC device going forward.

  • Avatar of Fifth313ment

    Nice read Paul, bookmarked for later. Still have to try that root/s-off you found earlier this week. I was waiting to root until the Sense 5 android 4.3 update was coming but I don’t think it will be so what the heck, why not root and remove Sprint’s spyware apps and junk.


  • Bookmarked as well. Once I finally got use to ASOP, I never saw myself going back to Sense…until I discovered there wasn’t an easy way to update the PRL (or to try out an alternate PRL) without Sense. If you are going to run with HTC, then you will always need to keep a Sense ROM handy. As Ken pointed out…it’s a good reason to not stick with HTC going forward.

  • Avatar of Eric Bonney

    Hi Paul,

    So if we are already S-OFF, running the RUU isn’t going to cause us to lose that? I always thought that by running the RUUs that you “might” lose S-OFF, then again it has been a long time since I did that to my phone so who knows..


  • Avatar of Fifth313ment

    Why hasn’t HTC fixed the MMS picture bug yet? It’s been a year and a half?! WTF? Every time I send a MMS picture I get angry as I have to add another pic, then another to get a full screen pic you can see that isn’t compressed, then delete the first slide, then retype or paste (what I previously copied) and then send, rinse and repeat! FLUCK YOU HTC! I shouldn’t have to use a third party app to send picture messages or do 50+ things to get a decent picture to send! And the pictures that send when I don’t do anything are unreadable! Blurray to the point where huge text gets garbled! This is pissing me off, as I just had to send one, so this is a rant but I’m still pissed!

    +1 on why I will never buy another HTC!
    +2 I’ll never forgive them for the year I spent having to turn my screen on and off a million times as my proximity sensor wasn’t working (proximity bug)!


  • God send! I have been searching for a way to do since march without re-installing factory software.


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