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Jabra STONE3 Bluetooth headset review

The Jabra STONE3 is a stylish slim profile Bluetooth headset that is short on flash and long on performance. NFC pairing allows for coupling of your headset and whatever device you’re on with just a tap, and a lightweight portable recharging base that carries up to four complete headset charges keeps you talking.

Jabra STONE3 in packaging

Why you might want the Jabra STONE3


The first thing about this that I noticed about the STONE3 is it looks significantly less like a blinking Bluetooth earbud contraption, and more like what I imagine a business earpiece would look like now. There’s nothing in the way of moving parts to activate or dismiss calls, and you look significantly less like you’re on a Bluetooth earbud with these than with anything else.

It’s one of the few Bluetooth earbuds I think you could completely miss someone wearing. So if you’re not interested in being “that guy with the earbuds in all day,” chances are this is for you.


The STONE3 charges in just 20 minutes and can be recharged by connecting a micro-USB cable, placing it in the included base charger plugged into a wall, or simply by placing it in the pebble shaped charging stone while in your pocket.

The base unit contains a battery as well, and will store up to four complete charges of the device so you can take it with you.

Jabra STONE3 base on packagingJabra STONE3 baseJabra STONE3 base w earpiece insideJabra STONE3 base


The STONE3 is pretty comfortable. I guess this depends on your ears, but once on it did fade from my awareness, which is what I like in a headset.


Voice features all you to answer calls with your voice by saying “answer” or “ignore.” Volume adjustments are available just by sliding your finger over the surface of the STONE3.

Why you might not want the Jabra STONE3

Battery life

The talk time on the STONE3 is only about two hours. For me, this is not an issue; however, I have friends who utilize Bluetooth earbuds exclusively to talk to relatives who go on for hours. Then again, a battery dying at two hours might be a selling point if that’s the case.


Unlike other Jabra offerings we’ve covered, the STONE3 doesn’t allow you to control your music, and doesn’t have an on-headset mute function. There are also very few indicators on the STONE3 as to what is going on at any given point with status indicators being on the charging base and requiring the unit be placed in the base to see what’s up.


Pressing the STONE3 into your ear further can disconnect the call. This will probably happen to everyone at least once before you’ll figure out what’s going on.

Jabra STONE3 left-right ear comparison

If you want to wear the STONE3 in your left ear, you sort of end up looking like a pirate as the device is not side-adjustable and the thing looks like a large hoop earring.

Jabra STONE3 specs

  • Two hour talk time
  • 120 hour standby
  • Weighs seven grams
  • Bluetooth 3.0
  • NFC perimeter pairing
  • Dual-mic for Noise Blackout
  • Three sizes of ear gel included

In action

The device is comfortable, picks up audio well, and removes background noise. I felt a little let down with the lack of features, although controlling music and doing voice searches constantly isn’t everyone’s thing and I realize that.

I liked the feel, fit, and sound, but it’s a little lighter in the feature set than I like. I really dislike the way it looks on my left ear, which is where I generally like to wear headsets. All in all I liked it as a device to transmit audio in an inconspicuous way to my right ear, but felt that it fell a bit short of being the earpiece I wanted it to be mainly due to the fit on the ear I wanted it on.

I left out a large part about the retail packaging. It’s absurd. There are instructions on the package about how to properly remove it from the package, and this involves three twist-unlocking pieces and a couple of snaps. It’s not a bad thing, but it’s just over the top epic packaging. This is not quite what I wanted in a Bluetooth device, but it does sound and work very well. I feel the price point is on the high side as well.

One last thing: the NFC pairing only seems to be doable with the base unit attached, although you can hold the power button when turning the unit on to force Bluetooth pairing again.

The Jabra STONE3 is available from Amazon for $106.62.

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11 thoughts on “Jabra STONE3 Bluetooth headset review

  • Avatar of bk w/bloody sauce

    getting closer to the earbuds on fringe… lol

  • Avatar of Fifth313ment

    Paul what are you smoking? No buttons and only two hours battery life?! WTF? So you are paying simply for style? This crazy as my old Moto BT headset from like ten years ago used to get 6 hours+ battery life! You’ll need a case with a battery with this thing!

    I hope you didn’t pay for this thing!? For $106 bucks you could have bought your daughter something nice. Our whole world is going nuts! I want a phone which is twice as thick as my EVO LTE and goes for a week without a charge! I don’t really care what it looks like as it’s going in a case, which goes for like 75% of phone users, no matter if they brag over the appearance. LOL, just the truth here. Our would is controlled and designed by annoying hipsters for other annoying hipsters who don’t seem to have a legit job! ;)

    Oh and make sure you have the thing on the right ear Paul… I know you have an adorable little baby but you could have adopted her, lol. :P As the Seinfeld once said, “Not that there’s anything wrong with that!” LMFAO! And you’re getting gray there my friend, lol. Good review as you do hit up the most important features and even the packaging.


    • I think you’re paying for a look and the style mostly…

      you’re also paying for a 4-charge portable disk you bring along with you that can recharge the thing in under 20 minutes – so there is a case with a battery included with this thing, and Jabra’s software, which I don’t really consider much of a selling point. So rather than 2 hours it’s more like 10 hours with the stone base charger.

      Yeah, I’m re-thinking and I think if I’d broken that out it’d be more in the 2-2.5 star range, I did like the style and fit on the thing though. In a price range of $40-70 I’d have liked it more.

      And on this, no, I did not pay for it. PR company provided it for me to play with and write about. Only gadget on the radar that involves me paying anything out is my wife’s next phone as I believe her beloved EVO 3D gave up the SD ghost today.

      Yeah, should have broken out the half stars and breakout for this…

      I really did dig the look and feel on the right ear…

    • also, on the baby, didn’t adopt her… she’s mine, or the wife cheated on me with someone who looks like me. Watching her on a webcam at the moment while attempting to recover the wife’s corrupted SD card, which had buttloads of photos of the little munchking.

      And yup, getting grey as all hell… I managed to go about 9 years longer than my dad did..

      Ug, it’s 2am, I’m going to attempt to get this recovery done, and see if I can actually write about turning a busted android into a full fledged high-capacity wordpress site… that’ll be fun if I could take my wife’s busted EVO and host a mirror of G&E…

      oy, sleepy… thunk

  • Avatar of JRDemaskus

    Looks cool, and I like the pocket stone.
    Not enough for the price.

    • yeah, I think at about half what they’re asking I’d appreciate the thing more.

  • Avatar of Leo Przybylski

    Meh. How does it compare to the Nokia Luna? Does it have A2DP? Still waiting for the headset that will give me full stereo in one ear.

  • I’ve used one for a a couple of years now, the same one, it’s sturdy, fits well, the pocketability is great, I wanted to read som reviews before getting my next one just to be sure they havn’t changed anything, the last one only had 2 charges in it so seems like it just got better. I know a couple of people that didn’t like it, but then again they don’t wear any BT so what ever. I think it’s the best, 80€ over 2 years of use gives it a cost of ownership of next to noting.

  • i own the jabra stone 3 for 3 weeks now.
    two hours talk time is a joke. i’m really not talking a lot, so mostly i get through the day without recharging. but not always. the jabra stone 3 has no micro usb port, so you have to carry that charging thingy with you. easy to replace, easy to forget at home.
    doesn’t always sit so well on the ear, pushing it in presses the button.
    it’s more a toy than a tool.
    or for someone who pockets the thing between calls.
    i used for years first plantronics voyager 510 then voyager pro. 5 hours talktime easily. better fit.
    greetings – john

  • do not buy…battery life is maybe 20 minutes. Not worth it!!!!


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