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Poll: How often do you update your phone?


Our last poll determined that many old Good and EVO readers have decided to keep their HTC EVO 4G LTE phones – it’s a device that’s probably nearing the end of its life, especially given that the HTC One has taken its place as Sprint and HTC’s flagship of choice. However, it’s possible that the numbers we uncovered were a bit lopsided.

As Pocketables reader Steven pointed out:

I’m not surprised. The majority of the EVO LTE owners were probably OG EVO owners that held out till the end of their contact and now they can’t upgrade for at least 6 months (like me). What surprises me is the number of people, including myself, that signed a new 2 year A$$ pounding from Sprint despite what our gut was telling us instead of switching carriers when we had the chance.

He makes a good point – all too often, it’s easier for many consumers to lock themselves into a two year contract in order to get a subsidized price on a phone, and then they are stuck until their contract is up and/or their carrier of choice is willing to allow them to get a discount again.

So that got me wondering: how often do all of you really update your phones? I know we’ve got a lot of power users, so I don’t expect this poll to mirror the rest of the nation, but I am interested in whether or not the majority of you hold onto your devices for a while, or whether you always have to buy the next big thing.

Vote below, and then let us know more in the comments!

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