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Poll results: Majority of respondents have decided to keep the HTC EVO 4G LTE

evo-4g-lte-frontLast Monday, we asked all of you “legacy” Good and EVO readers if you’re still using an HTC EVO device as your daily driver. It’s an interesting question, since the most recent (and probably the last) HTC EVO was released almost a year and a half ago. Yes, the HTC EVO 4G LTE is really that old.

The original HTC EVO 4G is even older, released back in May of 2010. Between now and then, we’ve seen HTC experiment with 3D cameras, and Sprint experiment with WiMAX – both technologies unfortunately died an ugly death at the respective companies. However, we’ve also seen HTC Sense evolve into something that truly does add value to many users, although I’ve personally made the jump over to a pure Android Nexus device.

Of the readers who responded to our poll, three out of four – that’s 75% – are still using one of the EVO devices. Of those, 79% are using the EVO 4G LTE, while 15% are using the original EVO 4G, in spite of its age. 9% of EVO-owning readers still have the EVO 3D, and only one of you has the EVO Design 4G.

Of the total number of respondents, 9% decided to upgrade to the HTC One. That’s actually a pretty small number, all things considered – it seems like there just isn’t enough compelling new features in the One to justify an upgrade for most people.

15% of you have moved on from HTC all together – and most of you who have at least stayed within the Android ecosystem.

Do you find these results surprising, or could you have predicted something similar yourself? Personally, I would have thought more of you would have upgraded to the HTC One, and fewer of you would have held onto the EVO 4G LTE, especially given all the problems that have plagued that particular handset. But what do I know?

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