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Reader poll: Are you intrigued more by Google TV or the Chromecast?

Google TV

Google isn’t known for being the most consistent company in the world, as it often develops competing products that sometimes step on each others’ toes. Chrome and Android are often cited as OSes that are increasingly replicating each others’ features, and a similar argument could also be made about Google TV and Google’s new Chromecast.

On the one hand, Google wanted Google TV to take boxes like the Roku head on. In addition to offering a full-fledged Chrome web browser for the TV, there are all kinds of apps to let you listen to music and watch your favorite programming. Some DVRs integrate nicely with Google TV, and overall it’s a solid product offering, even though it’s been plagued by increasingly infrequent software updates and a lack of mainstream consumer interest.

Chromecast, on the other hand, takes a different approach. While it does replicate some of the streaming functionality of Google TV, it’s much more compact, and almost seeks to replace your remote control: if you have the right HDMI connection on your television, it’s possible for Chromecast to turn it on, and the hardware is there to control other TV functions, as well. Everything is also controlled from your phone, tablet, or computer, using interfaces you’re already familiar with – there really is almost no Chromecast UI at all.

It’s certainly an interesting concept, and in many ways even more intriguing to me than Google TV, especially at that $35 asking price. But what about you?

Take part in our poll below and let us know your thoughts. Remember, you’re not voting for which is your favorite, or which you think is technologically better – instead, you’re voting based on the concept. Leave the rest for the comments below.

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