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Save some money on your next Sprint bill

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One of the reasons I’ve stuck with Sprint so long, other than perhaps being a lazy masochist, is that due to the wife’s employment we had a wicked good discount on the service.

With the wife’s phone upgrade last week, we were served the next day with a notice that the discount was going away as her employment had changed. This would up our bill by about 30%, which meant the other reasons we were sticking with them were suddenly significantly less important.

A brief scouting around revealed there are discount for memberships in several credit unions, AAA, UPS employees, AARP, military, Costco members and employees, and several larger and smaller employers.

Unfortunately Sprint doesn’t allow you to browse through and see what employers and affiliations have what discount, probably to discourage people picking the highest discount and then faking it, so you’ll have to ask a Sprint rep either on the phone or in a thread on the Sprint Community message boards.

It’s worth a few seconds to toss a list of your affiliates or a couple of minutes to make a call and run a list of your affiliations by the reps. Worst case you come away with no discount, and best case you get a nearly 30% discount.

You can also plug in your information if you’ve got a corporate or school-based email address on Sprint’s discount eligibility verification portal and perhaps skip presenting the whole shopping list of affiliations to the net or a rep if you’ve got a decently discounted email address.

If you manage to get a good discount, let us know what it is and what’s it’s for, if you don’t mind sharing.

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Paul E King

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26 thoughts on “Save some money on your next Sprint bill

  • Avatar of Ryan

    I work at a hospital and I get 23%off.

  • Avatar of anon

    I work for a bank and get 27% off

  • Avatar of Bill

    Amway independent business owners are eligible for 20% off Sprint service plans. For what it’s worth, there is a 19% discount on AT&T and a 12% discount on T-Mobile. No discounts from Verizon that I am aware.

  • Avatar of Bill

    I just went round and round with Sprint on this last month…I switched from a small business account to a private one just for the discount (via a Hospital like Ryan up top) several phone and internet reps told me that MY hospital was eligible for 23% off. After switching and buying two new phones they tell me that my facility was “no longer” eligible for the program…this was after one particular rep gave me the corporate ID and CODE that I needed to receive the discount..

    I’m usually a calm and cool headed person but this set me off…After getting a wee bit testy on the phone with someone I finally had to settle or a Department of Defense discount (Army Vet)of only 15% off…

    It’s not what I was promised but it’ something.

  • Avatar of NelsonTitua

    i have a 27% discount that i found online almost 4 years ago lol

  • I work for a hotel and our corporate rate is 22% off. But Sprint sucks with no 4g lte in the Pittsburgh Pa area. T-mobile here I come.

  • Avatar of MelvinPainter

    With Sprint, it is just like obamacare, you are paying for something you can’t use.

  • Avatar of fernando

    with sears holdings corp i get a 25% discount and i fount out that waste management you would get 30% that’s crazy!!

  • Avatar of John

    I work for radioshack and we have this third party employee plan which is 20 for unlimited text with 3000 anytime minutes, mobile to mobile. I never used them though. Plus also the 10 dollars for data and also the insurance so with tax I’m paying about $45

  • Avatar of Jason B.

    NYC Department of Education is 19%. Though I got it back when it was 25%, and I still have that.

  • Avatar of Hwyman

    I get 20% through my company. Also get 15% on T-Mobile.

  • Avatar of mark

    If your usage is low/moderate, prepaid will save you alot more than 25%. Went from $95 to $30 a month. That’s what I call savings!

  • Avatar of adam48045

    23% for Chrysler employees

  • Avatar of Rob

    With my company I had a 25% discount off my entire bill on a plan I shared with my wife. Then they cut the discount off my wife’s portion of the bill. Even with the discount I was paying over $165/ month for 2 lines with 1500 minutes.

    The best discount you can get is DUMP sprint! I did after 13 years. Now I have 4 lines for $136.50 (all in taxes included) with unlimited minutes and texts. 2 lines have 2.5 gb data and my kids lines have 500 mb because they are always on wifi anyway.

    Sprint is expensive and crappy data speeds to boot. Sure tmobile data outside cities is spotty but at least you don’t pay a premium for it. HSPA speeds with tmobile is great in most cities.

  • Avatar of Julio

    wooah Rob, i have hope for sprint. I finally have 4g in jersey and i didnt think it would match up to verizon speeds but it does. but ..

    i think we all have been screwed by sprint. and seem to be ok with it.

  • Try Ting! Same lousy Sprint coverage but at a lot lower price. Two smart phones with 1 GB and 100 minutes and 1000 texts costs about $50/month

  • Avatar of Fifth313ment

    I get a 25% discount, an Airave and one of the execs calls me from time to time and even that isn’t enough. I have been able to deal with their slow data but lately my calls haven’t been working down here in South Florida. I simply get a message saying to try my call again later? I pay like $75 with tax and everything. If they ever change the discount or unlimited (I never use mind you) I WILL be gone, ARE YOU LISTENING SPRINT! And even now I am thinking of switching to T-mobile as they get like 16down and 2 up on HSPDA down here and we even have LTE most places too! Their 3G is faster than Sprints’ 4G LTE! LOL, that is sad…


  • Avatar of N Peden

    I was receiving the UPS discount of 25% then they wanted to verify after a few years and they found out I actually work for The UPS Store and that is only a 10% discount. Still 10% though.

  • I went through the verify process and get the email that to begin receiving any discount I have to start over on a new 2 year agreement. Thanks but no thanks Sprint. I pay over $170/mo for two lines with unlimited data/text and 1500 minutes. Of course I pay the “extra” $20/mo for premium service when I have no 4G connection here. When my time is up, I’m on to something else after 10 years. I know they all just want your money, but I’d like to actually get what I’m being forced to pay for.

  • Avatar of Fifth313ment

    Why hasn’t HTC and Sprint fixed the MMS picture bug yet? It’s been a year and a half?! WTF? Every time I send a MMS picture I get angry as I have to add another pic, then another to get a full screen pic you can see that isn’t compressed, then delete the first slide, then retype or paste (what I previously copied) and then send, rinse and repeat! FLUCK YOU HTC! I shouldn’t have to use a third party app to send picture messages or do 50+ things to get a decent picture to send! And the pictures that send when I don’t do anything are unreadable! Blurray to the point where huge text gets garbled! This is pissing me off, as I just had to send one, so this is a rant but I’m still pissed!

    +1 on why I will never buy another HTC!
    +2 I’ll never forgive them for the year I spent having to turn my screen on and off a million times as my proximity sensor wasn’t working (proximity bug)!


  • I have a Sprint employee 27% discount. Even though I don’t work for them from day one, and I got this discount from day one as well!

  • Avatar of poweranimals

    How did you do that, edgar?

  • Avatar of Thomas

    Interestingly, this article prompted me to finally join AARP so that I could get a discount, but Sprint now tells me there is no such agreement with AARP.

    There is something with AAA, which is 10% right now (11/3/13) and that’s not nothing when you look at what Sprint charges each month for a family plan. But if you have any different information I’d love to hear it.

  • Avatar of Cracker

    Agree, I ve stayed with sprint because of discounts. They are generous in the sense that it lowers my bill, specially with the economy. It’s big help… If discounts went away I think sprint will see a big difference. Customers would go for other carriers ….. I believe if you take care of your customers , they will always talk or feel good about the company. In the past sprint rather low in customer service, why, bad treatment, tone of voice, not willing to help customer rather make the company richer….then help a poor customer which could bring More customers by word of mouth.

  • I get 15% from community college adjuct.


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