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Sprint prepares to launch new early upgrade program called “One Up”

Sprint One Up

A few weeks after T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon all launched early upgrade/phone financing programs of their own, Sprint has decided that being late to the party is better than not showing up at all. While the nation’s third largest carrier has yet to officially announce the new “One Up” early upgrade program, CNET has learned that Sprint is preparing to launch it as early as September 20.

Here’s how Sprint’s program will work:

  • A customer will purchase a new phone at full retail cost with $0 down, and a 24-month installment plan.
  • If you have an “Unlimited, My Way” or “Unlimited All-In” plan, Sprint will also give you a discount of $15/month.
  • At the beginning of month 13, you’ll be given the option to trade-in your existing phone (as long as it’s in good working order) and start a new 24-month One Up payment plan with a new phone.

In essence, the new One Up plan will allow you to get an unlimited Sprint plan for only $65/month, plus the cost of your monthly installments. It’s not clear whether or not this discount can be stacked with an employer discount, but I’m guessing the answer is no. Depending on the phone you choose, you will be allowed a yearly upgrade without having to pay that much more per month than you are already paying.

Based on the promotional materials obtained by CNET, consumers who purchase a $650 phone will save $220 over two years versus the comparable JUMP! plan from T-Mobile, and around $500 over AT&T Next. Existing Sprint customers who have a contract at least one year old are also eligible, although the offer might be a bit more limited – these customers will have to trade in their existing phones, unless they are already upgrade-eligible. Unfortunately, Sprint prepaid customers aren’t eligible for this promotion.

I have to say that this plan seems to be the most competitive with T-Mobile, and I’m interested in knowing how many of you might want to take advantage of it. Leave a comment with your thoughts below!

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14 thoughts on “Sprint prepares to launch new early upgrade program called “One Up”

  • Avatar of NelsonTitua

    I was reading about this earlier and im on the fence.. On the one hand it would be cool to get the htc one but i might end up leaving sprint in march when my 2 years are up. Ill still stick with HTC though.. so what ever iteration of the one comes next ill most likely get.

  • Avatar of Chris

    I wonder how that works with the best buy buy back plan that I purchased last upgrade. Can you choose to pay for the phone instead of making monthly payments? Hmmm?

    • We won’t know for sure until this is official, but I’m assuming that if it works like T-Mobile’s JUMP, then you’d be able to pay the full price of the phone up front and still get the discounted monthly rate. I can promise you this won’t be compatible with Best Buy’s buyback program, though, since you have to trade your phone in to buy another through this program.

  • Avatar of Fifth313ment

    Why would I trade in my phone? If I’m spending almost $400 on the phone with just a savings of $220 why would I give it back to them? These plans are crazy as you’re still spending like 75% of the phones cost but you have to give it back to them! So the carriers make out like bandits! They get your money and the phone back? WTF?!


    • Avatar of amaults27

      It says the “option” to give it back to them. An option isn’t a requirement. Settle down buddy.

  • Avatar of Rob

    You may be “One Up” with the phone option but you will always be at least “One Down” with their lies about their LTE rollout and coverage/speeds.

    I had Sprint for over 13 years. I was paying $40/month more for two lines (with limits of minutes) than I am paying for 4 lines at TMobile. Yes I know TMobile data outside metro is poor but Sprint was like a snail everywhere. At least TMobile has high speeds in cities where I am 97% of the time.

    There is a reason they always are “trying” to One Up their competition. Too bad they rarely ever do it.

  • Avatar of Crodley

    Always so confusing…So I have a 3VO with an Unlimited All-In plan and my plan expires in April of 2014. So, does that mean I can get a new phone (Galaxy 4S likely) when? For how much?

    Sheesh, I knew I should have taken the Bar Exam to understand these contracts…

    • Avatar of hillje1

      okay so of course this just rolled out yesterday and I called Sprint today. My upgrade is actually in February but they will allow me to take an early upgrade and use my credit toward the purchase of a new phone. The price of the new s4 is 650 but I can get it for 250 and finance it over 2 years putting my payments around $10.40 extra month. The representative also stated that if a new phone comes out next year I can give them the s4 back and purchase the new phone repeating the entire process. If you do that officially you are leasing the phone at if you do have an older phone you can still trade it in to finance less of an amount. I am Not sure if they penalized you for doing early buyout of the finance contract.

  • Avatar of Hwyman

    I was hoping Sprint would revive its Premier program, but I guess that doesn’t do much for attracting new subscribers.

  • Avatar of atlanta

    Sprint is like TMT , if its not buckling your walet then their not playing the game and they will lie as much as they want who’s gonna stop them ,darth vader is almost finshed with the death star, the Empire will rule the galaxys , their no noble companys left in our worlds .we still wait for the vanguard of truth

  • My contract with Sprint is up July 4, 2014 but Sprint is lying to people about there 4g lte being in place by the end of 2013. I live in the Pittsburgh PA area and we only have slower then slow 3g. I am going to call them and say they are not keeping up with there end of lies so I want out of my contract. Any feedback on this from anybody, do you think they will let me out with no ETF? If so then t-mobile here I come and save me a Galaxy Note 3.

  • Avatar of Psyburdewd

    I think I’ll wait until the new HTC “Butterfly” comes out. 5″ screen plus everything upgraded over my present EVO 4g “LTE”. Hopefully after the first of next year.

  • Avatar of lester

    Sprint is slow about put out new phones I’ll having on the Samsung note 3 come on sprint you can do better with your upgrade to

  • I won’t fall for this.. They always seem to come out with “special” promotions right before they reach in your pockets. You sign a contract with services promised and then they send you a message six months later saying that you will have to pay extra for the same service in a month.. Not going to fool me into another two years of you lies.


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