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HTC’s best move might be to get acquired by Lenovo

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In the wake of declining mobile phone sales and several failed attempts at breaking into the tablet market, HTC might finally throw in the towel and find someone else to scoop up the wreckage. According to recent rumors from the Taiwanese site Apple Daily, it looks like HTC might be in talks with Lenovo for a possible acquisition that would close sometime in the first half of 2014. Apparently, these meetings have happening since August 2013.

This actually might not be such a bad thing for either company. Lenovo has carved out a strong position for itself in the PC market and is known for its quality and innovation. The company has been trying to find a way to break into a very saturated mobile market for some time, and HTC’s number three position could be just what Lenovo needs to succeed. It might also provide HTC with the necessary cash flow to increase advertising spending, along with device development, which could ultimately help its revenue go in the right direction.

On the other hand, it’s unclear whether or not Lenovo would want to capitalize on HTC’s pre-existing brand recognition, or whether it would want to start fresh with its own brand. The latter could be a possibility, as Lenovo might simply be after HTC’s pre-existing carrier relationships. We do know that HTC isn’t shy about dropping brands, given its willingness to give up the EVO name on Sprint.

What do you think about the possibility of HTC being acquired by Lenovo? Would you like to see this happen, or do you have reasons for keeping HTC independent?

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10 thoughts on “HTC’s best move might be to get acquired by Lenovo

  • Avatar of Calob Horton

    I’ll start the discussion by telling a Lenovo support horror story that my bestie went through:

    He has a Y510p laptop. It broke. He sent it in for repairs – hoping and being told it would take at most a week – and got the computer back a month later.

    In that regard, this would be such an awful thing for HTC, especially considering how often phones break in comparison to laptops.

  • I had a HTC One S go dead after two weeks of use and it took the company that HTC pays to fix/replace phones 3 and a half weeks to get the fixed phone to me. Actually, according to the documentation they took the phone apart, found the motherboard to be defective, replaced that, broke the screen during re-assembly and then replaced that as well. Including the man-hours it would have been way cheaper and faster to just send me a functional phone after receiving my broken one. Of course, after the repairs were done the gaps between metal and plastic panel parts of the phone never were as good as a factory-made one, but I could not be assed to send it back again.

    Lenovo on the other hand has never given me that sort of headache, the few complaints I have encountered in several years of using them privately and recommending them to customers were solved timely, professionally and to my full satisfaction.

    I would say, depending on how this pans out, it is not the worst merger one can imagine, although I would much rather see HTC get back on its feet on their own power, but I fear that ship has sailed. As long as they position themselves as a premium, high quality mobile device manufacturer and don’t dumb it down to be a second incarnation of Samsung, making plastic crap for the masses I am fine with a lenovoHTC phone future.

  • Avatar of weirdroid

    I get my phone fixed or replaced by a Sprint repair store, so I don’t need support from HTC. In fact I just brought in my 1-1/2-yr-old EVO LTE a couple weeks ago, it had an issue where the screen would blank out if you press on it in certain spots. No insurance, they said it will be $50 min and maybe they’ll replace with a refurb if they can’t fix it. They ripped it apart, swapped out the screen, aluminum body and all, and I don’t know what else, but it’s better than new and no hard reset, back in a couple hours. They even waived the $50 they quoted me.

  • Avatar of Luis Berrios

    I am in favor of HTC using its own power to get back to the top, even though in my opinion none of my HTC phones have ever had a problem; Software or hardware wise, but I would like to see them get back to updating phones regularly, and supporting models older than 2 years old with android 4.4. If they do this then people will see no reason to ever leave HTC. I have had HTC phones since the hero- every Evo phone and loved every one ( except the 3D’s blurry camera) and I still have my OG Evoand plan on acquiring it from my father in order to root it, S-Off it and run android 4.4 ROM when available. Also HTC One Max!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Avatar of Luis Berrios

      I forgot to mention that HTC has never lost its place on the top they are just letting Samsung warm it up for them while they go take a break. Because let’s face it have you ever held any galaxy phone today and it felt as good in your hand as the OG Evo’s plastic? Or even an HTC Hero?The aanswer is no to both, all Samsung does is what apple does but with shittier build quality and crappier software. I swear this on my life I would first become an iSheep before I ever use a Samsung phone as anything more than a door stop.

  • If this happens, HTC devices are especially no longer an option for me.

    I don’t trust Lenovo on computers. I would trust them even less so on a mobile device.

    Even though I HATE Apple products, I had the choice of a Macbook Pro Retina or a Lenovo laptop that was decked out in specs and capabilities. I went for the Macbook Pro.

    It also helped cement in me that while Macbook hardware is amazing…OS X is horrible.

    • Avatar of Curtis

      I agree, but why not just wipe the OSX off and install your flavor of windows or linux . . . Just sayin..

  • Avatar of Brandon

    Wait . . . isn’t Lenovo just IBM? Or were they just in a laptop partnership? I work on a business account that deals primarily with IBM and (no joke) every IBM employee seems to have a Lenovo lappy.

    • Avatar of Brandon

      Never mind: According to IBM’s site, “IBM has engaged in an historic alliance with Lenovo.”

      This may be good for IBMers who tend to have to choose between Samsung and Apple products for corporate mobile phones, though, if this happens.

      It’ll likely be shite for consumers, though.


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