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International HTC One gets OTA update to 3.62.401.1, Android 4.3

International HTC One OTA updateFor those of you who picked up an HTC One some place other than the US, it’s time to check for updates! The beloved Android 4.3 update is rolling out now to all international unlocked HTC One users, also bumping up HTC’s software build to 3.62.401.1 and Sense up to 5.5.

The update is a massive one at 675.48MB, so you’ll definitely want to be on WiFi before downloading. Some changes include:

Video Highlights improvements

  • Updated interface
  • Add soundtracks to videos

Blinkfeed improvements

  • Access recommended news from your social network
  • Additional global news sources
  • Save articles to read later or offline
  • Create custom feeds from news media, Twitter, and YouTube

Music improvements

  • Updated interface
  • Embedded music channel with new scenes

This is a staggered roll out, so it won’t be available to everyone right away. Luckily, some Android sleuths have uncovered a direct download link – just make sure you realize that you’ll probably lose root if you install this.

[Android Police]
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7 thoughts on “International HTC One gets OTA update to 3.62.401.1, Android 4.3

  • Avatar of derek green

    This man seem like a dumb question. If I download the direct file, what next ? Extract all files? I have the evo 4g lte. Will it even work for this phone?

    • If this was for the One X, maybe you’d have a chance. But this is the HTC /One/, so it definitely won’t work for our EVO 4G LTEs.

      • how do i install this update manually

  • I absolutely wouldn’t even try it on a One X, either nothing happens or you brick your phone. It will not upgrade it.

    Quick note, Some international ROM’s work for the US (including Sprint) variant. InsertCoin is one of them and already updated to this release and it works for Sprint.

  • Avatar of Philip

    I just installed it. I have Tmobile and I am s-off. That is how you can install it manually. Go to xda forum to read up.

  • Hi,

    Will this work on the HTC One Dual Sim (802w) version?

  • Avatar of shaiban

    somebody please help me with my HTC One Dual Sim (802w) version? This phone has no option to update. Am I stuck? can I root it? Help


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