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Jabra Style Bluetooth headset review

The Jabra Style is a lightweight Bluetooth on-ear headset with NFC and HD Voice capabilities. Compared to some of Jabra’s other offerings, it doesn’t have a lot of features, but it does the job if you’re looking for a high quality headset to make phone calls.

Jabra Style out of packagingThe Jabra Style boasts a standby time of up to 168 hours and a talk time of about six. It has one button and one switch. The button can be pressed to answer and hang up. It can be long pressed to trigger your phone’s long press action (usually audio phone dialer). The power switch is a three-position switch which toggles between off, on, and pair with a Bluetooth device.

Jabra Style in action

The first thing I had to do to the Style was make it a left-ear mount device. To accomplish that, I pulled out the semi-transparent ear hook, and put it back in on the other side. That’s all fine and dandy, but now then Jabra logo was upside down and the button that does everything is now in direct competition with your tragus. This isn’t a horrible problem, but it’s not quite ideal to answer the phone.

Phones calls I made sounded pretty decent, but that’s decent for going across a cell network, so your mileage may vary. People could hear me fine and I could hear them without saying, “What? What? Hang on, let me turn off this stupid Bluetooth device.”

The Bluetooth indicator light comes on for a few seconds after you activate the device, but there’s no continued blinking annoying thing like in the old headsets that just drew everyone’s hatred toward you.

Jabra Style issues

While probably no one is planning on doing this, I found that the music streaming just did not work at a quality I would have expected. This, however, could just be due to my phone or gremlins, but it sounded like it was running through a blender. I need to check out one of my other devices and make sure it works correctly, but as of publication the thing doesn’t seem to good as a music source. Still, that’s probably OK, because it’s a one-ear phone headset designed to make calls, not jam out.

Update: Other Jabra products play my music just fine; this headset does not.

The earhook is going to be comfort-dependent based on your ear shape and size. For me it was not quite a great fit; however, your ears will vary. It’s comfy, but unlike some of the higher end models, I always know this thing is there.

Jabra Style Packaging Jabra Style Packaging Jabra Style on ear


For a Bluetooth headset that makes phone calls, it’s great, lightweight, has a decent battery and an amazing standby time. The price point is higher than what you can find competitors products for, so if name brand is not a factor, you may want to look elsewhere. It’s OK, but I’m not in love with it. For a simple little headset, I do like it though.

The Jabra Style is available in T-Mobile retail stores and at Amazon for $49.99.

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