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PSA: Existing T-Mobile customers can get free international roaming 11 days early

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Today is the day that T-Mobile Simple Choice Global plans are going live for new T-Mobile customers. Just like the old Simple Choice plans, these plans provide unlimited talk, text, and web, with buckets of high speed domestic data. Prices are exactly the same as the old plans, too: 500MB of high speed domistic data is included in the base plan, with 2.5GB for $10 more and unlimited 4G data at $20. The only difference is that the new plans now offer unlimited 128kbps data and unlimited texting in over 100 countries worldwide, and reduced voice rates as well.

While T-Mobile is offering these plans right now to new customers, existing customers officially have to wait until October 31 for their plans to be updated. But in case you’re traveling internationally before that and want to make sure you’re covered, T-Mobile will unofficially change your plan early.

All you have to do is call 611 and ask, visit a corporate store, or chat with customer service online. I did the latter, and had my account updated within a few minutes.

To confirm that international data has been added to your account, you should receive a text message stating:

Free T-Mobile Msg: You recently changed a feature or service on your T-Mobile account. If this was done in error, please go to

You can also sign in to your account online and look for this message:

T-Mobile international data message

You’ll now be able to use your phone in over 100 countries around the world for data and texting with no extra changes. And that, my friends, is pretty sweet – and something only T-Mobile offers at the moment.

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