Samsung Galaxy Note 3 owners: Does your notification LED flicker?

Galaxy Note 3

I love my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to death. It’s fast, beautiful, and portable-yet-big enough to do everything I need it to do wherever I need to do it. Unfortunately, there are a few things that concern me about Samsung’s latest and greatest device: there are still some very “Samsung-y” bits of the device.

What I mean by that, of course, is that its build quality is not up to par with Samsung’s competition. Nokia, Apple, HTC, and even LG have far surpassed Samsung’s devices in terms of build quality and craftsmanship. For example, holding an HTC One feels like holding a $700 device; holding the Galaxy Note 3, while much-improved from the company’s previous devices, still feels like holding a Samsung phone.

One of the biggest problem-areas that I’ve found on my own Galaxy Note 3 is its notifcation LED. It’s incredibly useful, to be sure, but mine has a tendency to flicker when it’s showing a notification. Green seems to be the biggest perpetrator, but other colors will do it occasionally, too. The LED still notifies me of new texts, emails, and other things, but watching my brand new device have such an issue doing so is kind of disconcerting.

If you own a Galaxy Note 3, have you noticed any flickering in your notification LED? If you have experienced it, have you been able to identify any way to fix the issue? And do you have any other build quality issues that are worth discussing? If so, hit us up in the comments!

Our full review of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will be posted later next week; I’ll be sure to go over the other build quality issues I’ve found when I write it up.

Stay tuned to Pocketables for continuing Samsung Galaxy Note 3 coverage. There will be a lot more of it in the coming weeks!

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