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Seidio LEDGER case + VITREO screen guard winners announced

Seidio LEDGERA little while back, we announced a giveaway sponsored by our friends at Seidio to win a LEDGER flip case and a VITREO solid glass screen protector for the HTC One. Today’s the day we announce the winners.

A little after the start of the contest, the VITREO and the LEDGER found a home on my wife’s HTC One and we had reviews of both. You can read up on those here and here if you’re interested.

I mentioned there would be bonuses for creativity, but I didn’t specify how this was going to work. Since I’m going for transparency, here’s how the bonus happened and the winners were selected – all eligible entries were rounded up in a text file. All entries were printed, cut out, and placed on a dart board, then it was simply a matter of blindfolded chance.

The more you wrote about your experiences, likes or dislikes with the HTC One, the better your chance of being randomly selected by a thrown dart as there was quite simply more to hit. While this does not exactly reward short form creativity, that wasn’t the nature of the game.

The winners of the Seidio LEDGER case and VITREO screen guard giveaway are:

  • Floor
  • Wall
  • Small cat
  • Bullseye
  • and chair

That didn’t work out so well, so a redo with eyes open became:

  • Kishan Patel
  • Rob Hicks
  • Randy S
  • Carl D
  • Fahad Iqbal

Winners will be getting an email from me, and I’ll be forwarding your email addresses to our contact at Seidio to get shipping info from you, so check your inboxes and spam folders!

If you didn’t win this round, check back soon as I expect we’ll have more giveaways coming up shortly.

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5 thoughts on “Seidio LEDGER case + VITREO screen guard winners announced

  • Avatar of Carl D

    Yesssssssss!!!!!!!! Woohoo thank you!!!!!!!!!

  • Congrats to the winners! I ordered the screen protectors today for my One as well as my wife’s 5s.

  • Just a note – this doesn’t really deserve an article to itself, but the screen protector got a workout when it got dropped.

    I *think* the screen protector came face-first vs a concrete step. There was a tink. No damage. That was not with this case, just the screen protector and a Hello Kitty case

  • And also, emails have been sent – if any winners do not have an email from me let me know.

  • Avatar of Rob Hicks

    Happy! Happy! Happy!
    My new HTC One just arrived in the mail today and now this great news! What a great day! Thank you Seidio! Ok, just one more sentence ending with an exclamation mark! Woo Hoo!


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