Seidio LEDGER HTC One flip case review

The Seidio LEDGER is a flip case for the HTC One that provides scratch protection and a convenient pocket to store a credit card and identification in for nights when you’re not interested in carrying a lot of things.

Seidio LEDGER for the HTC One

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I’m not a huge fan of flip cases, but I see their appeal. In the case of the LEDGER, it looks and feels really good in the hand, and the case is unobtrusive enough that slapping it into a pocket is not that big a deal. What I don’t like about the case, though, is once you put a couple of credit cards in, the thing no longer closes all the way without some pressure.

The way the interior credit/ID pocket is made, the manufacturer could have created a couple more pockets to solve the problem of it getting too large at two, but oh well. The pictures below show what the case looks like closed with two standard credit card sized cards in the pocket. One card doesn’t seem to interfere.

LEDGER flip case with cards Ledger flip case with cards

The case itself does not interfere with anything radio-wise, which is something you do have to worry about with cases if you use NFC very often. It’s pretty well built and looks like it could survive a beating, however the phone inside is not particularly protected to the levels that I’m used to with Seidio cases.

For short drops, a lightweight case, and scratch resistance, the case actually works pretty well. What it does do quite nicely for the HTC One is raise the camera off of the table, rock, ground, etc., that it’s probably pressed up against. However the same could be said of most cases I bet.

Back of the LEDGER

All in all, it’s a pretty nice case and stands up as about the best flip case I’ve reviewed, but I really wish they would have made the pockets more useful.

The LEDGER is available in red and gray from Seidio Online for $34.95.

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