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T-Mobile SIM cards on now on sale for $0.99 – now’s the time to stock up

0.99 T-Mobile SIM

If you’re a T-Mobile customer, or you’re planning on joining in the near future, now is the time to stock up on SIM cards. The nation’s fourth largest carrier is now selling these for only $0.99 – these little pieces of plastic that contain all the information your phone needs to connect to the network normally retail for $10, and it’s becoming extremely rare that T-Mobile provides any discount on these. So get them while this price lasts.

Granted, T-Mobile is advertising this sale as prepaid only, but there is literally no physical difference between these SIM cards and those you’d receive when activating a postpaid plan. In my case, I’ll probably be activating another line on my postpaid account for my mother, but not for a few more months – for this reason, I’ll be picking one of them up and saving it for then.

These SIM cards would also be ideal in these situations:

  • You want to pick up a SIM card now to activate later on a free tablet data plan.
  • You want to try T-Mobile out to see if coverage will work for you, but you don’t want to give up your carrier first. In this case, the $30/month plan for 100 minutes and 5GB of high speed data would be perfect.
  • You just want to have some extra cards that you could use in an emergency or even sell later.

The SIM cards come in standard, micro, and nano varieties and can be purchased up to two at a time at the link below.

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