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Ability to cast all the things restored to rooted Chromecast

freedomWhen Chromecast first came out, you could cast local media to it, or use Netflix, YouTube, or Chome to cast a page to the device. Shortly after the initial release, perhaps realizing it was too easy to cast pirated content or baby videos, Google sent an update that removed the ability to use any services other than what Google chose for you.

I’ve written a bit about rooting the Chromecast, and also Kyocast, which allows third party applications to work with Chromecast. And today Fling and local video streaming solutions that were available prior to Google’s update should be working for Kyocast users. This appears to have been done in the background, as no new download for Kyocast is available, or at least the version number has not changed.

As Kyocast just changed where the Chromecast checks for the whitelist, presumably the Kyocast whitelist has been altered. Unfortunately it’s still not a quick and simple solution to fling your videos to the Chromecast, as you’ll need to download Fling, which requires a Java Runtime Environment set up on your system, and there are some more hoops to jump through still so it’s not exactly user friendly as of yet – but it’s getting there.

At last, however, there’s some traction in a device that to the end user has felt pretty neglected since day one. As soon as I can get Fling up and running or find a walk through, I’ll post something on how to make what you bought (Chromecast) function like you thought it would (cast home movies, videos, etc.).

It should be noted that Koush’s AllCast reportedly works, although he added code that made the program expire, so you’ll have to change the date in order to use it or ask him nicely to undo those changes. Hopefully he will and we’ll be back in business with an intuitive Chromecast interface.

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