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Enable tri-band Sprint LTE on your Google Nexus 5 by LG

Sprint Spark

Did you know that the Google Nexus 5 by LG actually supports tri-band Sprint LTE on bands 25 (1900MHz), 26 (800MHz), and 41 (2500MHz)? Currently, only LTE on 1900MHz is enabled by default for Sprint customers, but it’s possible to enable bands 26 and 41, as well – no root required. (For reference, 800MHz LTE is spectrum that Sprint obtained from the Nextel acquisition, and 2500MHz LTE is Clearwire’s former spectrum.)

Enabling LTE on bands 26 and 41 won’t help Sprint customers in most areas, as Sprint has only started the LTE rollout on these bands in a very few select markets. But if you happen to live in one, this will mean better signal strength and speeds in buildings and in general.

  1. To get started, you’ll need your MSL code. This can be obtained by simply calling Sprint customer service, or – if you’re rooted – using an app like MSL Reader. You’ll also need to download the Nexus 5 Field Test Mode app if you want to avoid entering any long, complicated dialer codes.
  2. Next, either dial *#*#3282#*#* into your dialer, or open the Field Test app and select Settings.
  3. Then, once you’re in the Data menu, select LTE > Edit, and enter your MSL to access the menu.
  4. On this screen, enable all of the LTE data options that you see. You can play around with different band priorities, but many users are reporting success when setting bands 25 and 26 to 0 and band 41 to 1.
  5. Finally, press the back button and reboot.

That’s it! You can now enjoy tri-band LTE on your Nexus 5, which Sprint is calling “Spark.” Google will probably enable these bands for Sprint users in a future update, but it’s always nice to experiment with new features early – especially if you live in an area where you’ll benefit from this. Good luck!

Thanks, Chuck!


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8 thoughts on “Enable tri-band Sprint LTE on your Google Nexus 5 by LG

  • Avatar of Charles S

    Will doing anything similar to this do anything for the signal on the Sprint HTC One? Maybe not Spark, but maybe boost the existing LTE or miserable 3g?

  • Avatar of Abraham

    I work in downtown Los Angeles. For what I understand there is supposed to be all three band working here.

    I will post if I see some improvements when trying this out. My phone should arrive on Wednesday, so I can post until then!

    Cheers and thanks!

  • If your already rooted use CAT LOG from play store.

    clear log completly

    go into *#*#DATA#*#*

    clear log again

    select lte


    enter 000000

    go back to cat log and pause

    enter into search 3729

    Look for LG_SVC_CMD

    IT WILL READ itemID=200,

    • Sorry got cut off

      item ID= 200, Value = ******
      This is your “MSLCODE” it should be repeted on the two lines above it as well

  • Avatar of John De Leon

    I live in South Texas (near Mexican border) in the following metro areas; McAllen, Harlingen and Brownsville. I know we don’t have Spark. Should I set my priority to 25/26 to 1 and 41 to 0? Thanks.

  • If your nexus 5 is rooted *mine is*you can just use nexus 5 field test, just field test alone, go to the settings on the to right corner & purse on for rooted devices or something like that. from there click on the same to right corner & pies lte advanced &it’ll take you straight to the setting but instead of vie it’ll be the edit version. Might as well have the nexus 5 rooted because that’ll be the best android without limitations & now it’s even possible to pass the MSL code altogether with root, which was something that was never possible. Now if that’s possible imagine what else is, rooted of course. I want all app’s to run full screen with the translucent navigation bars & notification bars, like on the desktop & Google now… The android a pi has it but don’t see dev’s using this ui anytime soon, the same with android runtime.

  • Avatar of Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

    Ting subscribers can just look at their Device Settings page for the MSL.


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