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FreedomPop now offers free service with HTC EVO 4G, also activating other old Sprint devices


Last month, we reported that Sprint MVNO FreedomPop had started selling the HTC EVO Design 4G for $100, along with free phone service. Now, the prepaid carrier is looking to shake things up again: starting now, FreedomPop is expanding its beta program availability by an additional 10,000 subscribers and is offering the original EVO 4G, also for $100. Additionally, it will begin activating new customers who port over previously-used Sprint devices.

Since FreedomPop works with Sprint’s closed CDMA system, there are still some handsets that won’t work with it right away. However, it is accepting the OG EVO and the EVO 3D, along with the Samsung Galaxy S III, Epic 4G, Epic 4G Touch, and the LG Optimus S. FreedomPop also expects that it will soon be able to allow phones like the iPhone and the Google Nexus 5, as well. Since FreedomPop is trying to be a VOIP/IP messaging service, it still has to optimize its calling and messaging clients to work across various unlocked Android phones and within Apple’s closed iOS.

The free plan includes 200 voice minutes, 500 texts, and 500MB of 3G/4G data each month for free. If you decide you want more, the $7.99/month plan gives you 500 minutes, unlimited texts, and 500MB data. And for $10.99/month, you can get unlimited minutes and texts and 500MB. While this seems like a great deal, it seems that 4G service now is restricted to Sprint’s WiMAX network, which isn’t that great, the future of which is also uncertain.

[FreedomPop via Gigaom]
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