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HMDX Jam Splash review

The HMDX Jam Splash is a rechargeable wireless Bluetooth shower speaker/speakerphone that delivers a pretty solid sound – even when the shower is running.

HMDX Jam Splash front of boxThe Jam Splash has three mounting options available. One position is propped on a built-in kickstand, which is useful for an outdoor event where it might rain or a drink might get spilled. Another is suction cupped to a shower wall, although with minor soapy build up it will pop off. Finally, you can secure it to the shower pipe with the rope that comes with it.

It should be noted at the beginning that the Jam Splash is splash proof, not waterproof. Don’t plan on scuba diving with this thing.

What’s in the box

  • HMDX Jam Splash
  • Holster
  • Short USB cable for recharging
  • Three suction cups
  • Showerhead hanger cord

HMDX Jam Splash in action

This is the first Jam product that I’ve ever been stumped by. I’m not sure if it’s my unit or if the instructions are incorrect, but to turn it on seems to involve holding more than just the power button. Perhaps the unit I have is defective, or perhaps I am, but it comes on by holding the volume buttons and then pressing the power button. Just pressing power will display an indicator of how much battery life is left, and then shut off. Long pressing power when it’s on will shut the unit off. Once again, not sure if this is my unit or how they’re designed.

I decided to see if there was an updated guide to the thing on the HMDX Jam Splash home site, but the English version appears to be missing.

Once you’re paired, playback via the Jam Splash works with the default media player. If you need to override the default, at least in Android, you’ll need to towel off and open that up on your device before getting back into the shower.

HMDX Jam Splash kickstandHMDX Jam Splash back of boxHMDX Jam Splash in operationHMDX Jam Splash holster back

I didn’t test the phone capabilities while I was in the shower as dialing out was not configured via the Jam Splash. There’s no media button configured that would allow you access to voice dialing, and I was actively testing this thing and not particularly wanting to soak my EVO 4G LTE, which was situated about ten feet away.

Jam Splash specupI also was not particularly interested in having a conversation while I was in the shower, which I imagine might require me to turn the shower off to speak to the person without the shower’s hissing constantly in the background. I also did not want to subject the other end of the phone call to having to wonder if I was standing there naked, old, and hairy.

The suction cups are pretty useless in my scenario. They might work on a perfectly flat, perfectly clean surface, but not any shower wall I’ve run across. Perhaps they’re intended for shower sliding glass doors, but even with the securing rope holding the weight, the suction cups popped off the wall in my shower within five minutes.

Jam Splash specs

  • Battery life: four hours according to manual, eight according to website. There’s no analog jack so someone misprinted something.
  • Range: up to 30 feet
  • Color options: grey and blue
  • 14.4 ounces

HMDX Jam Splash holsterHMDX Jam Splash bagHMDX Jam Splash rope connectorHMDX Jam Splash front of box


The Jam Splash is pretty large, not particularly portable, and takes some real estate in the shower. It would be really nice if the unit was waterproof, as if it’s on the rim of the tub on its kickstand, it’s probably going to end up in the water if my shampoo bottles are a good predictor of tub side future. This limits the mostly safe mounting options to hanging from the shower head or outside of the tub.

It would make a pretty nice gift for the person who doesn’t want to have to drag their dock/audio equipment into the bathroom. It is also probably useful for an outdoor speaker you don’t have to worry about  too much, as it is pretty loud when turned up.

HMDX Jam Splash close up of shower hookHMDX Jam Splash rope and cupsHMDX Jam Splash in showerHMDX Jam Splash in operation

The HMDX Jam Splash is available from Amazon for $59.99.

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